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Washington’s answers don’t justify NSA spying – EU delegation

31.10.2013 06:39

EU diplomats who traveled to Washington over the NSA’s spy program have been left with their questions unanswered. The US insisted all the intelligence gathered in Europe was related to warzones in the Middle East and would continue.

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Billd 03.11.2013 19:41

Here is what Snowden and other Whistle Blowers are up against:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

J oseph Goebbels, Nazi Germany Minister of Propaganda


Norberto Triemstra 01.11.2013 04:53

As we speak Aljazeera reported that Syria has been bombarded by Israel to destroy Russian provided missiles (Latakia)...

While the UN disarms Syria and USA provides military and financial support to the rebels, Israel takes the opportunity finding Syria with her hands tied at her back to strike AGAIN in the noses of the FREE WORLD....


Foreign Agent 31.10.2013 22:31

"Everyone at RT should know that the US government pays people to come on "foreign"
@ charlie @ tv dog, don't worry as long as there is enough RT staff to each time remove my comments. Who pays them to do this?


charlie 31.10.2013 14:14

tvdog 31.10.2013 13:59

Everyone at RT should know that the US government pays people to come on "foreign" websites and lie in support of its policies. The government is out of control and does not care about the American people or what they think.


Every nation does that.They call it government propaganda tool and misinformation.Not new.


charlie 31.10.2013 14:12

If you already know what am bringing to the table before negotiating a business deal because you stole my business information.
Why should i even do business with someone who stole my business information to take advantage of me?
It is called "cheating" !


tvdog 31.10.2013 13:59

Everyone at RT should know that the US government pays people to come on "foreign" websites and lie in support of its policies. The government is out of control and does not care about the American people or what they think.


Zoro 31.10.2013 12:57

If after all this (and so many times in the past), Europe doesn't wake up, then it doesn't deserve any better, Slave remains slave. EU politicians can just talk, talk and talk, but this is just bla, bla, bla...they are 53rd US state (Canada is 52nd), but rather call them US colony. Continental Europe, without G. Britain is the solution. For decades, throwing stones and rocks on Russia, trying to presnt it as evil and even today. With all respect to the ones who see reality, but westernes are brainwashed through decades, through their schools system, media...Wake up people, look at the reality.


Damian K. Kowalczyk 31.10.2013 12:16

“Yes, it’s true these things are for military purposes and intelligence gathering. That’s absolutely true. But, in the end the goal… it’s for the purposes of wielding this information as a weapon against political competition and geopolitical rivals,” and since legal ways might leave the country in a fat lazy end behind the competition, well, it's time to cheat.


Count Cash 31.10.2013 12:01

They all have elites; the Intelligence community serve the elite 1%, under the fraud of protecting the 99%. Of course the ones with the same elite structures want to band together against their own people. The 99% after all are the enemy for them – that is why they spy on them! The elites have a hierarchy like any other organisation, so it’s open up time EU citizens or the stick! Your leaders will help you take it for their benefit!


Count Cash 31.10.2013 11:52

The problem is the US never does cooperation it just does exceptional bullying! So on your knees EU, its mouth open or the stick, the usual way for the US to make the EU to ‘work’ together!


КЕВИН БОФФ 31.10.2013 11:46

USA is guilty of global espionage and they did as they want to control all countries and business for there own profit!


JailBanksters 31.10.2013 11:12

Okay Okay, these people are daring to question me, so I'll hold out my hands out in a scary flat position and do the bulgy eye-ball thing, that should scare them. That's it just like a Zombie.
Just don't say that out loud, DOH did I just think that in my brain or did I say that out loud?


Count Cash 31.10.2013 11:04

Look Spain, Germany, France, UK….. you just need put up with what your US master says via the intelligence communities they own within our countries. The sooner you all in Europe realise you are not exceptional, not of the US master race, then the better and easier it will be for you all to settle into your roles as second class citizens to serve the US. Now just stamp your feet a bit and go to bed as usual!

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