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EU demands ‘full clarification’ of NSA diplomat spying, warns of severe impact on relations

30.06.2013 09:12

The president of the European parliament has demanded an explanation from US authorities over the latest revelation that EU diplomatic missions in Washington, New York and Brussels were under electronic surveillance from the NSA.

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Anonymous user 01.07.2013 06:55

Oh, please. Germany is busy spying on Ireland at the moment. They're one to talk. lol

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 06:51

Did corporates get info from the NSA?

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 06:40

Evil will triumph if good men do nothing. Kudos to Snowden for exposing the evil in the NSA & GCHQ.

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 06:36

The US cheated by bugging a EU team negotiating for the US-EU Free Trade Agreement. This FTA is void

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 06:28

"UK owns the US." You seriously have some mental issues. lmfao

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 06:22

Snowden, hopefully you read my post friend.... Thank you....I very much appreciate what you havedone

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 05:58

Whenever snowden makes a leak, america-haters open their mouths to participate in the golden shower.

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 05:57

Now real EU strength will be put on testing.

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 05:50

The EU should put survilance on this Mr. Baroso -say will be surprised about the result!sly man

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 05:38

Assange says to snowden in the airport lounge: "can you hurry it up ? it's my turn to take a leak."

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