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EU diplomats manhandled by Israeli troops in West Bank

20.09.2013 16:02

The European diplomats, who were trying to deliver emergency aid to the residents of a demolished Palestinian village, were manhandled by Israeli troops and their truck was seized by the IDF.

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Oody 24.09.2013 01:54

SYRIA: 100k+ dead & chemical weapons.
PAKISTAN: 81 dead in attack on church.
KENYA: At least 70 dead after attackers first made sure to let Muslims go.
IRAN: Nuclear weapons program at the hand of gay hanging, woman oppressing theocrats
ISRAEL : 1 Soldier slaughtered by his Arab "friend" and one soldier gunned down while guarding praying Jews.
EUROPEAN UNION: Condemns Israel after a French diplomat lame actress punches an Israeli soldier in the face...


Friend Your 24.09.2013 00:10

What if one day the world found about the propoganda of Israel state had been the blueprint by USA to get the control of the petrol and wealth of Arabian Gulf ?????


John Dwyer 23.09.2013 11:56

This is but one small terrible incident in a long list of thousands of worse examples of Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians and their supporters. Jews everywhere must strongly unite and condemn the habitual viciousness practiced by the IDF and even individual private Israelis toward Arabs. Such things besmirch the whole of Judaism. For truth in the matter regularly Google Palestine Today. Long may we remember Rachel Corrie.


Roman Namor 22.09.2013 19:22

The truth is right here:

" ;The media were quick to draw conclusions about an incident that took place in the West Bank on Friday during which Israel Defense Forces (IDF) apparently tried to stop a truck carrying tents meant to rebuild Bedouin shacks in Khirbet Al-Meiteh that had been demolished after an Israeli court determined they had been illegally constructed.

Multiple news agencies wrote that diplomats were “manhandled,” but the video of the event does not appear to show that. In fact, at least one diplomat threw a punch at Israeli soldiers." (TheBlaze)


Roman Namor 22.09.2013 18:47

Steven Yourke,

It was 1948 UN Resolution with which one Palestinians didn't comply, but now they are crying every time when Israel doesn't care about UN Resolutions. They are freaking hypocrites. I don't feel sorry for them.


nuncius.mortis 22.09.2013 13:11

Artha Kencana 22.09.2013

But there is one big problem!
They have 300 nuclear bombs if not more, no one knows because they are above whole world and no one will be controlling BIBI's fingers and his "holly nation" still portrayed as biggest victim of WW2!
But let's be clear,in world's high politic circles is long ago well known fact how rich US jews clans finance Hitler to sending their own people to death due to Plan based on this "planed genocide" create a new State in Palestine soil!


nuncius.mortis 22.09.2013 13:10

Now imagine that someone will want kick them out from there.
So they just start act like complete mad and throwing nukes all around region and Europe!

Thi s is the real problem!!!


Steven Yourke 22.09.2013 05:50

Ethnic cleansing in the West Bank. Israel is continuing the job it started in 1948, to drive all the Arabs out of Palestine and seize all the land. The U S supports this criminality. No wonder the U S is hated all around the world, as is Israel. Zionism is racism and should be opposed at every opportunity. We should all boycott Israel and send their ambassadors packing. A terrorist state that uses the Holocaust to justify its terrorism. Simply disgusting!


Tom Mason 21.09.2013 23:03

You would think the Israelis, of all people....
Guess they didn't learn a thing.
Or maybe, they took careful notes, instead.
All Propaganda aside, this is all a land grab, and there really isn't any point in maintaining any other pretense at this point.
There is right, and there is wrong. I know which side of the equation the Israelis are coming down on.
Would that our leaders recognized the situation for what it truly is. But they wear dollar bill blinders.


Lotta Leben 21.09.2013 18:41

Well done by the IDF! The western people may have problems to ignore this incident!


Gene Mich 21.09.2013 16:20

Excuse me guys, am I here or not ? Isnt it "Bash a jew in the head convention "


Lahcen Oizaz 21.09.2013 14:46

John 21.09.2013 03:33

Israhell will be no more during WW3, plain and simple, i say bring it on, the sooner we remove this evil the better.


No country, people or nation is worth that much suffering to eliminate it. Just wait and see how it crumbles on its own weight of lies, deception and terror.

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