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British MPs want EU laws veto, Brussels slams UK on immigration

12.01.2014 05:55

95 Conservative MPs have urged David Cameron to introduce a national veto over EU laws. The demand comes as the UK’s attempts to reform rules on immigration inside the European Union have drawn fresh criticism from Brussels.

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Merlin Wizard 10.02.2014 09:11

Quite frankly, I can't imagine why anyone would want to work and live in the UK. With it hoards of brainwashed, bigoted citizens, still believing in the Rule Britannia nonsense. And now with the rapidly sinking infrastructure that is currently being reclaimed by the waves that they believed they once ruled. Cultures may differ but international camaraderie is the only way forward.


Tony Blair 12.01.2014 19:42

tommy 12.01.2014 19:25


Rock on Tommy. I agree, then it will save the rise of national socialism in europe which is at an all time high.


Tony Blair 12.01.2014 18:46

We dont need foreigners telling us the English dont work in there own country. If its that bad stay in your own country, which must be a lot worse, thats why you are leaving it. Sort your own country out then you wont have to immegrate.


Kizo Dovanovicra 12.01.2014 18:05

UK depends on foreign EU workers as well as its investments in those EU countries. Without EU, there will be total collaps within the UK and there will be no more UK as Scotland and Walles might stay in the EU and England exit. But looking at "British" working class, no one wants to work - only drink and football watch. David Camerun and its followers sound like Adolf Hitler in the 1930s - "they" are guilty for our situation.


Samuel von Staunton 12.01.2014 17:30

If the British parliament and government actually represented the people's interests it might be a good idea. But as it is it is meaningless. An EU interested only with the well being of the banks, or a local government interested only in the well being of the banks. . . in practical terms there is no difference.


Madmax 12.01.2014 17:26

I always find the altercation between UK and other EU nations (Brussels) about the immigration issue a bit difficult to understand. Every nation has its opinion about free/not so free immigration as well as illegal immigration.It also depends on any country's economic situation.If UK does not like free immigration to their country & considering their geographic area and present economic situation, I believe it is completely justified. Many EU countries who presently commenting against UK may find themselves in trouble in coming years(Italy, Spain, Germany, France etc).Italy& Spain are already in deep economic trouble.


ChrisWintle 12.01.2014 14:10

1689 Bill of Rights, Tripartite agreement with us the people, Constitutional Monarch and elected representatives, Each and every treaty signed has to come back to the people so we owed since 1975,


Joel Wischkaemper 12.01.2014 13:00

If a culture cannot work in an organization co-operatively in the economic sphere while they maintain their cultural identity, the organization isn't worth belonging to.

Countri es and cultures pursue economic policies that are corrupt, biased against minorities, detrimental to the people of an area. An old, old problem, and still not settled. So is the organization a Confederation of States, or a centralized governing body. It should be a confederation of states that allows separate economic policy, and PEOPLE are economic policy! 7 Billion People.. I would stop immigration NOW!


Cryptolopolous 12.01.2014 12:36

Pre-election maneouvers to distract from this disasterous failure of a government. There is a longstanding tradition now to blame everything wrong in this country on Europe and the stupid public is swallowing it....

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