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EU economic crisis causing massive rise in poverty – Red Cross

10.10.2013 11:41

Europe is facing a catastrophic economic and social decline, according to a new Red Cross report. The charity concludes that austerity measures taken during Europe’s economic downturn have further contributed to snowballing poverty and unemployment.

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Sirena Siren 21.02.2014 21:38

Excuse me but the first photo of the gutyin greece looks like he has a huge belly.. So food he has or alchohol he has... So money he has to buy whatever... But poor he is not... When you are poor you cannot get fat like that


Rupen Savoulian 13.12.2013 01:43

The humanitarian catastrophe in Europe bears a striking similarity to the social and economic collapse in the wake of the Soviet Union's dissolution. The humanitarian tragedy that followed the cessation of social services, education, health care and state-subsidized public art is a lesson in what capitalism produces. Moscow copied the American version of capitalism and all its predictable consequences followed. Perhaps the Russian authorities should turn their attention to the mental health issues afflicting the Russian population today. Adopting capitalism produces the inevitable consequences.


Pete Anderson 20.10.2013 19:24

@Derek Know your enemy is correct. Sad that the indoctrinated youth are fighting for the one world government system. They have been indoctrinated in University. We need to regain control of our Nations.


Derek Sheppard 14.10.2013 13:45

I am so glad to find more people that see, the truth. We must turn the tide peacefully NO your enemy. And Remember some at the top ie high earners are blind soldiers, Minions of the anti Christ. They no not what they do. So don't turn on them convince them they are also puppets. If we use violence to achieve our end. We all suffer. The Iluminati are achieving their goal keep calm. Stay vigilant. Its time to organize, We need some sort of co operation, to oversee this transition. Also If you are in anyway involved with one already please contact me.


Nasi 12.10.2013 13:34

The Euro, was a German TRAP.
I hope Catalonia get ride of Spain,
and get off the Euro "trap", as soon as possible.


Liam Wilson 12.10.2013 12:52

I wonder at what point the masses will begin to resort to real civil uprisings. Historically no population would put up with such tawdry governance. But electronic opiates seem to dull the senses. Time to wake up to what you're governments are up to sheeple.


Tony Blair 11.10.2013 12:23

I dont understand what all the complaints are about. The Polit bureau in Brussels are doing very well. All the eruo mps have their noses in the trough & their villas on the black sea. The federal european communist state was designed to feed a few at the top not the masses. The latter should spend their time endlesley debating the academic issues while they spiral down into economic poverty. Just like the fall of ancient Rome.


Jed Taylor 11.10.2013 09:17

Politicians are either ignorant or implicit, neither is a valid excuse.


Terry Mckinney 11.10.2013 08:19

The banks get bailouts and the poor get what the poor have been given since we crawled out of the soup.The disparity between the rich and the rest is wider than ever.What answers do the rulers deliver?Austerity,bu t just for the poor.The rich are making out like bandits.The Americans,who caused all this,are tearing themselves apart from the inside.We do live in interesting times.


Snooping Iswrong 10.10.2013 22:15

The European Union was established by the satanic zionist BANKSTERS to LOOT Europe. If they destroy economies, national heritages, values and lives, that will be considered as a bonus by these evil monsters.
Where else can you see fascist abuses like:
All eastern Europe as a prostitute army waging wars to invade, loot and commit genocide to benefit only the illuminati elite
Czech markets where Czech apples are no longer "suitable" , and then you can only find German ones
Public laws and amendments signed in secret
A Spanish "authority" ; saying that they will mix up transgenic with organic just to obfuscate protests.


MarcelfromNL 10.10.2013 20:16

Yup, that's how it goes Pete Anderson. Westeuropean leaders of the free world were eager to support liberating Libya, Egypt, en Syria.
Now they are surprised that so much young muslim men are fleeing these liberated country's into the entitlement of the wealthy west. And towing with them in their slipstream half the population of Afrika and Eurazia.

No w ain't that surprising !
Nobody could have foreseen this.
I want a Neurenberg 2.0
Maybe we should call them 'the Brussels trials'.
Not only for their socalled liberations but for their treason to their sovereign country's as well ! We voted against the EU !!!


Ade Chapman 10.10.2013 19:39

The top picture shows beauty yet shows dispair. The picture shows that the man wants to share his gift yet i can sense he is giving up. Peace be with this man- peace be with all human souls.


Pete Anderson 10.10.2013 19:26

David Cameron sends 300 million to Syrian terroists, meanwhile the British people are going to food banks.
Uk has a massive housing shortage and mass unemployment and still they refuse to stop letting people in. Putin is 100% correct European countries borders, national identities, cultures and values are being destroyed. When are we going to wake up and say NO ?

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