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‘Go away Cameron!’ Browser extension bypasses UK govt’s porn filter

24.12.2013 09:15

A Google Chrome internet extension has been published aimed at circumventing a porn filter imposed by the UK government. The new filter has come under fire because it also blocks access to sites that provide advice on sex education and porn addiction.

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Dave Kimble 27.12.2013 02:48

Do the job properly and use a VPN, which routes ALL your internet browsing and emails, etc, through a VPN server in a liberal country, encrypting the traffic so no one knows what you are doing. Only costs a few dollars per month - search "VPN service".


Alberto Ruiz 25.12.2013 15:08

Will it work to bypass Russian internet censorship?


Ted Pugh 25.12.2013 11:46

This high level filter is also granted access to all your emails if you have anti-virus turned on.

See my timeline.


j.innes 24.12.2013 23:27

Going after material that is “eroding childhood.” Could I suggest to all of the concerned politicians to go after all of the corruption and things like national debt, and warmongering, and while you are at it why not go after childhood poverty and bad government for a change. Talk about things that are truly obscene that our children should not stumble upon out there in the world.


funkytowel 24.12.2013 17:44

becquerrelle 24.12.2013 17:23

Wonder if Cameron's Filter Alolows Bestiality Sites - and Why?


We're wondering why that was what you were thinking about.


becquerrelle 24.12.2013 17:23

Wonder if Cameron's Filter Alolows Bestiality Sites - and Why?


Alex Semiletow 24.12.2013 14:17

Cameron is defending Plutocracy. Democracy does not exist in the "civilized" ; world any longer. It is time to vote the parasites out... if they agree...


Jan Martin 24.12.2013 14:09

the last line in the message just posted is supposed to be traitors the pc used is as useful as Washington in politics.


Jan Martin 24.12.2013 14:07

I am proud to be from Britain would not have it any other way but have always hated the sickening attachment that the UK has with the US. What US does UK follows been that way since WWII it is toxic., this includes spying. That is why ANY diplomatic relations with the US/Isreal is dangerous and toxic in every single way. UK MUST STOP THIS SICK REALATION. Foreign Policy needs a serious cleaning and eliminate completely the US and Isreal, make a world a safer and better place, and there be no traitros in the Middle East.


ste.g 24.12.2013 13:58

Cameron maintained that he was acting as both a father and a politician, claiming it was his “duty” to do something about this issue.

his duty is to protect democracy not censor

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