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Moscow rips into ‘vicious practice’ of extraditing Russian nationals to US

01.08.2013 11:38

Moscow voiced outrage over the arrest of a Russian national in the Dominican Republic and his swift transfer to a US jail without Russia’s consent or knowledge last month. Moscow deemed Aleksander Panin’s extradition “unacceptable."

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Rissa Manibusan 09.07.2014 10:38

I wouldn't be here as well. Lol


Rissa Manibusan 09.07.2014 10:36

Is there a way of just blocking off the Russians from the U.S network?

And cancel or stop the free entry into Guam and the Marianas.!!! Just monitor their missiles activities. Guam gov't is too greedy for money. Keep on allowing other foreigner into Guam. Watch again, they are working on getting the Chinese visa approve to enter Guam again. "Whatever" see if Guam just fight to be independent, nobody is going to enter your land without your approval.


harayanvi mard 09.07.2014 00:25

Time for whole world to unite to kill 5 evil eyes.


Due Chauke 08.07.2014 22:05

The truth is not always told in full. Unfortunately, the half-truths form the basis of most of our arguments.


Deen Ahmed 08.07.2014 11:34

Dogs like You cant handle the truth like to be spied on and enslaved. Some slaves prefer their slavery over freedom. Snowden did all of us a favor by letting us know what is going on.


Kyle Stephens 01.02.2014 03:13

Three people have described my opinion precisely. Russia doesn't respect/obey extradiction treaties, so why should we? Russian government works WITH the RBN and similar hacking entities, so further question to ask why we should. They're full of crud, because he was in Dominican Republic, NOT Russia, hence, citizenship means literally nothing. Another thing, as far as I know, he was Ukrainian, NOT Russian. This article is obviously biased, but what should one expect from a State-run news group? This exactly, for sure.


You can't handle the truth 28.01.2014 21:30

It's the Russians who refuse to honor their extradition agreement with the U.S. by not returning Edward Snowden to face charges for his obvious violation of the confidentiality agreement he signed as a condition of his employment. Such a violation does not qualify him to claim political asylum; it makes him a thief, plain & simple.

Hav ing said that, if I were on the jury, & Snowden convinced me that there was no legal avenue open to him, to reveal the over-reaching & probably illegal extent of NSA spying, as a whistle-blower, I would be inclined to exonerate him, unless a severely reduced sentence was on the table.


You can't handle the truth 28.01.2014 21:28

Panin wasn't kidnapped by Americans and there is no such entity as U.S. Special Services. A legal arrest warrant was transmitted to the authorities in the Dominican Republic, who evaluated the accompanying preliminary evidence, as would occur in any preliminary hearing before anyone could be arraigned on formal charges. The Dominican authorities made the arrest and extradited the alleged criminal to the U.S.


saucymugwump 28.01.2014 18:38

If Russians do not want to be arrested and extradited to the U.S., there is a very simple solution: stop committing crimes against U.S. interests. Stealing money from American citizens will not be tolerated. Instead, steal from China, Belarus, North Korea, Cambodia, Laos, and Russia. The fact that the crimes were committed via the Internet is irrelevant.

Anyone who wants to read the truth about Panin should read the latest post from Krebs on Security, "Feds to Charge Alleged SpyEye Trojan Author."


Alexander Gavrilov 22.10.2013 06:14

New World Order


Bryan Denson 04.08.2013 18:10

I'm curious, does the Russian Federation ever arrest U.S. citizens of the United States in foreign countries? In my experience as a U.S. journalist, I've never know the U.S. government to apprehend someone in a foreign land, but to negotiate with the host country to apprehend the suspect. This typically begets extradition agreements. This story makes it sound as if U.S. law enforcement is grabbing Russians and smuggling them out, which I doubt is occurring.


kundrit 02.08.2013 12:40

Nothing else, this is just the beginning and on the way to one world government in Washington DC period


Bruce Fisher 02.08.2013 11:25

The US continues to make its global reputation as a thug. The Jesuits/ Annunaki/ Hathor would be proud!


Sam Weiss 02.08.2013 10:44

I live in America. I have to get my news from RT becuae the media is nothing but BS. I'm an immigrant. I just can't understand who's idea was it to let the US police the world. We don't have a good track record. Did you forget that this country, now police of the wolld has criminal history of genocide of Native American. Lets not forget that for 20 years the US supported the monster Pol Pot who makes Hitler look like a choir boy. If your a a lawenforcement you have to be able to prosecute your own starting with Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz. They lied a nation into war.


Karate Champ 02.08.2013 04:40

This is just a beginning. We're descending into the cold war and there is only one party to blame this time. It's funny that one country is terrorizing whole world, including Russia. What can be done about it? As soon as possible replace trade with the US with other countries. China, Russia, Pakistan, India, Brasil and whole South America (except US fanboys) should look for alternative sources and trade partners. Unfortunately US is just at the beginning of becoming a menace to humanity. The more they're allowed to do, the more bold they'll become. Internet framework should be built outside of the US asap


Tony 01.08.2013 17:46

Does no one understand? It is legal for the U.S. to have anyone kidnapped and returned to the U.S. for trial, even from countries with which the U.S. has an extradition treaty. Check out the 15 June 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision in U.S. v Alvarez-Machain. Of course, the U.S. would go to war, figuratively t the very least, if any other country were to have an American kidnapped off of a street in the U.S. for trial back in that other country.


Steven Basin 01.08.2013 16:13

Is it me or the Cold War has started again?


P S Ramakrishna 01.08.2013 14:43

Scrap the international bodies like, UNO, ICC, Interpol & other organizations if US does not respect them! Are the rules meant for all other countries except US?


Sashka26FW 01.08.2013 14:42

this kindappings of US terror state proves US practices terror on Russia since forever.. Its Time Russia really makes things difficult to US in Afghanistan,Iran..

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