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New Facebook policy raises alarms over sharing of user data

24.11.2012 09:22

Facebook’s new privacy policy violates EU law, raising concerns over the sharing of private data with affiliated business without user consent. US privacy experts expressed concern over how Facebook shares this data with advertisers.

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Eli Ross 31.10.2013 18:35

GreenLantern (unregistered) 27.11.2012 16:45

Whe n an individual declares I can be legally assassinated or
imprisoned with no formal charges indefinitely even tortured"


I agree with you, except for one thing. It was not one man who gave himself that authority. The whole of our government gave him that authority. They wrote the laws explicitly granting it to him, over the cries of dissension from the people. It is not one man who seeks power over us, it is all those who have come to power within the government, bought and paid for by the corporations.

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