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Mixed families in UK ‘separated from one another’ due to migration rules

09.09.2013 12:25

Thousands of families in the UK have been split up because of the changes to migration rules established last July, which demand an income threshold for anyone sponsoring a visa for a non-EU spouse. The rules are to be discussed in parliament on Monday.

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sara maria 19.10.2013 09:20

For ignorants i suggest you watch John Pilgrim - stealing a nation [2004]
After watching that then you can think twice.


Matthew Maddock 25.09.2013 09:23

revealsins2me 09.09.2013 21:18

they are only seperate if one partner decides to be. the partner in the uk can go back to his/her partners country of origin.


How do you know they are able to do that? What about immigration rules in the other country, or the chance of the partner to work in that country? For people who may not necessarily be fluent in their partners language it may be that they are unable to find work in that country. It is often the case that the English partner is the husband and is the one who works whilst the wife cares for her children.


Zlonko Grahoul 09.09.2013 22:39

@ 'Salan Kid' Anti-Whites always say theres no such thing as the White race - its the ultimate in negation. All the non-White races are verifiable and legitimate - but the White racist fiction, golly gee wow.
This anti-White is in fact wrong but if the demographic trends continue the White race wont be around for much longer. We need to make the White countries White again. According to our rulers White countries arent allowed any more - we need to change that.


revealsins2me 09.09.2013 21:18

they are only seperate if one partner decides to be. the partner in the uk can go back to his/her partners country of origin.


Salan Kid 09.09.2013 15:19

there is no such thing as a white race ,idiot , since most countries have natives who look like western Europe and some look like Africans , only the racists ignorant will not know this , this white black thing was created by the British slavery era , truly l really never ever crossed my mind to notice someone's complexion before l came to England , they are obsessed with their ugliness ,so most people who talk and notice color have a inferiority complexes , true matter is , they are inferior . most migrant are educated polite family orientated , all that is been lost in UK due to the mothers who let their men dow


Salan Kid 09.09.2013 15:07

many and l mean many British men have married in Thailand and brought their spouses here [ uk ] , l have met Russian ladies and was so happy that such ladies exist , the loyalty , care, affection , family orientated ,Russian women have all the ingredients to make her loved one happy and they become one , very opposite to English women , the facts are here, proven , British women are selfish ,violent ,bitchy , have no respect for parents or husband , over spend your cash , less ambitious by far to Russian ladies , .


Salan Kid 09.09.2013 14:58

l am about to marry in the near future ,a Russia lady ,educated ,polite cares ABOUT HER FAMILY work with her husband to build a great future , now, been married twice , with British girls , l have lost a home and cash , due to divorces , most men in the UK are treated like doormats to say the least by their wives , now these men are looking elsewhere to have a family life and love that has disappeared from our lives , l wish l realized sooner , but never too late , my issue is the entry visa to UK ONCE MARRIED , the home office will make it harder ,but you can never stop 2 people love each other .. English girls? n


Will Mossop 09.09.2013 14:58

"Mixed families in UK ‘separated from one another’ due to migration rules"
No, they are not. Nobody is stopping the white moving to be with their fellow misceganist in THEIR country.


Dominic Blais 09.09.2013 14:14

why don't mix family's in america look like that it's always the single mom with the mixxed baby

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