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Man builds doomsday capsule to survive 2012

Published time: December 25, 2010 05:44
Edited time: January 11, 2011 20:49

While the world celebrates Christmas, some are more worried about what they call imminent Armageddon. After reading ancient predictions, one man has taken it upon himself to guarantee humanity's survival.

Failing that, his invention can always be turned into an US$80,000 sauna.

The ancient Mayan calendar predicts that on December 21, 2012, the world will end.

It says the Earth will suffer cataclysmic events: floods, eruptions and earthquakes that will wipe out almost everyone.

So some people are getting ready to survive the Apocalypse – thanks to Evgeny Ubiyko, a military engineer by training.

On an abandoned battery farm not far from Moscow, is a warehouse in which he keeps the object that he believes will save humanity when the end of the world is nigh: the Doomsday Capsule.

Evgeny admits that many laughed when he first revealed his proposal for the life capsule one year ago. Now that he has built it, he says people are taking him seriously.

“The capsule is hermetic, it's got four layers of insulation. It can float, roll down hills, and land upside down – without being damaged,” Evgeny explains.

“It cannot be destroyed by tremors, or lava, or magnetic storms. This is where the shower will be, and the air purification systems. It can house up to four people for 40 days and costs $80,000.”

Ubiyko has already recruited a band of neighbors, who have booked their places in the capsule.

And if the end of the world does not come in two years, Evgeny says his capsules can be used as saunas or industrial fridges, and recommends that the government order several thousand immediately.