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Professional complaint maker arrested in Belarus

Published time: March 02, 2011 16:56
Edited time: March 02, 2011 21:26
Professional complaint maker arrested in Belarus

Professional complaint maker arrested in Belarus

Police in Belarus have arrested a man whose favorite occupation is making complaints on every possible occasion.

­During the past year alone, he made over 400 complaints. There is almost no organization left in the Gomel region where he lives where he has not left an entry in a book of complaints, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reports.

The 56 year old unemployed Belarusian had led an ordinary life in the Gomel region, some 300 km away from the capital, before his passion of complaint-making finally led him behind bars. Now he may face up to 10 years in prison for blackmailing.

According to reports, he has been a nuisance about almost everything around him in his hometown – from cars without license plates, to the lack of information boards at the post office, even when he did not find his favorite coffee in a grocery store. He also threatened the Post Office and Ministry of Communication that he was going to use a chainsaw to cut a drop-off box for mail within comfortable reach of his hands, as he is not a tall man. The “offended” citizen visited state institutions during the weekend demanding that they receive him.

Desperate high-ranking officials called for help asking police to stop the man, but no legal grounds could be found to do so, as there is no law in Belarus that prohibits complaining.

However, recently he switched to using his skill and experience for blackmailing according to Komsomolskaya Pravda. For example, at a supermarket he bought a sausage that was close to expiring according to the date on the package and demanded compensation for his purchase, threatening to report the store to the sanitation center.  He received a bag with a pack of juice, mandarins and sausages from the store as a treat. He was finally arrested after demanding $65 to not complain about poor service in a coat-check room (the staff was not wearing ID badges). Though making complaints is not punishable by the law, the blackmailing is considered a crime. The suspect denies his guilt and is possibly preparing to write another complaint.