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'Kill Kirill': Topless FEMEN activist attacks Russian Patriarch (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

26.07.2012 11:36

A topless activist from confrontational group FEMEN has attacked Russian Patriarch Kirill during his visit to Ukraine.

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herr-lehnsherr 23.10.2013 05:32

Also in the U.S most people don't know the difference between the Russian Orthadox and the Roman Catholic Church. So I highly doubt they would care enough to have anything to do with this.Also the term "Zionist" means some one in favor of the existance of the state of Israel existing. The English is unforchantely an attempt to appeal to international media and an attempt to force preassure from outside sources. Despite the intence corruption of the U.S government, and the C.I.A, um, it's run by Jews. The majority of the people in the government are some sort of Protestant.


herr-lehnsherr 23.10.2013 05:20

As a woman from the US, this is embarassing. I mean that you think these people have any thing to do with us.

Look, I really don't care what other people believe in regards to religion as long as they leave every one alone and play nice. I know a lot of my Country men and most of my government isn't like that.

And for that I am truly sorry. But people in the Unites States of America think these women are a joke, well most of them.

As for the Paranoid and quite frankly dusturbing anti-semetic and homophobic comments? "The Jews" do not the run the media, neither do "The Homosexauls". Not even in the U.S.A.


MatzBlatz 22.08.2013 06:09

It's funny, she's the one naked, but it's those men that look the most ridiculous.

Kirill? Seriously? It's like some James Bond villain.

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 22:32

So they want killing for liberty??

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