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Fifth generation T-50 to be armed with state-of-the-art missiles

18.08.2011 09:38

State-of-the-art missiles for Russia’s first 5th generation fighter jet are undergoing final tests to ensure that when the T-50 is deployed in 2014 its advanced weaponry will be ready to make it invincible in the skies.

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Earle Moreland 07.04.2014 11:53

I flew the USAF F-4 Phantom II, which was initially equipped only with missiles because it was assumed that aerial dogfights were a thing of the past. That turned out not to be true because in a combat area, you often can't tell the bad guys from the good guys until you get within visual range, at which time you need a gun. They added an internal gun to later models.


fredka27 14.06.2013 02:06

Americans are so much in denial it's unbelievable , just not long ago Americans were made to believe China will catch up with the US economically in 2050 maybe LOL! Today even on this blog Americans are poking fun at Russia, "why they can't even afford 3rd, generation planes etc., Just accept it USA , this is not 1945 where you have a jump on the rest of the world since the rest of the world was in ruins, Remember your Great Depression ? World war ll was a boom for your economy. You say the good old days? for whom? Ask the blacks or people of color about the good old days.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 01:51

US, live in denial and misinform your uninformed populace, but Russia the next bad guy on the block

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