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Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo file motions to reveal NSA data requests

10.09.2013 19:10

Facebook and Yahoo, have joined Google and Microsoft in addressing the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to legally allow them to make public the data requests received from the NSA as part of the infamous PRISM program.

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Jennifer Wilkowski 18.08.2014 15:39

Yes I abide all rules


Jennifer Wilkowski 18.08.2014 15:38


Carlos Gomez 01.10.2013 06:24

So what their saying is," We would've warned the public of what they were doing but we didn't."

As there was only a threat if they didn't comply with the NSA order, they did, but failed to tell People what they had done. They could have done that and it wouldn't of broken their deal with the NSA but they chose to keep it to themselves and their just as criminal in my perspective.


Tony Blair 11.09.2013 17:20

Governments already control the media & tv channels, they need to control the internet to continue treating the public like mushrooms.


Sander Belou 11.09.2013 09:57

if you read Assanges story about Eric Schmidt you know you cannot trust these people.
CIA and NSA actually got Facebook big by sponsoring.
NSA data requests don't have to be on paper when mr.E.Schmidt delivers this on his own free will.
Microsoft is wrong anyway and you know it. Gates wants to decimate the worldpopulation because he thinks we are with too many and at the same time is 'vaccinating' Afrika...

a nd Yahoo? Marissa Mayer is not really evil I guess but under influence of Google


Vlada 11.09.2013 01:35

Keep yourself away from Yahoo, because Yahoo is an NSA front panel.


Vlada 11.09.2013 01:32

Do not use Facebook for having contacts with friends, because Facebook is, like Microsoft and others, an NSA puppy.


Vlada 11.09.2013 01:29

Do not buy Microsoft products unless you want to be NSA spied.


Vlada 11.09.2013 01:28

The only reasonable option for an average guy is when he wants to Google something on the Internet to make sure not to use Google by any way.

Use some other engine for googling things.


Christopher Savarimuthu 11.09.2013 00:19

Deal with people. Big brother is here to stay! The big 4 may obtain NSA permission to reveal details of requests but that's as far as they can go. The snooping will still go on. This is the prelude to the New World Order. In time, every aspect of our lives will be under the microscope.
So, take care of yourselves. Do what is necessary to protect your online and offline activities from prying eyes and ears.


Carlos Gomez 10.09.2013 22:32

yeah KG, I believe your right, the time to cry fowl play is not after the fact. Yet still it seems like there is something even more sinister going on that we're not being told about and every single situation that appear's on radar either recent or very soon will reveal it an thats why they are going to such great lengths to cover their tracks....i.e. the garbage co.'s you refer to could've been mere pawn's that were given an ultimatum if they didn't comply an then rewarded for their obligation's after-the-fact. (imagine what u can do with 52 billion an the influence it can buy.......)

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