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France's far-right National Front tops pre-election poll as EU swings right

11.10.2013 11:08

Nearly one-quarter of French voters would vote for France’s National Front in May 2014 European Parliament elections, according to a new poll of voting intentions. The far-right party garnered 24 percent, reinforcing a rightward swing across the EU.

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Andor 25.08.2014 15:39

Fantastic! Keep Europe for the Europeans where all the inventions, script, maths, education,innovation s, history etc etc comes from!!
Becasue of the influx of parasites they have no other option to go Right!! Right means correct isn't it??


britannica 28.02.2014 18:30

There is no more fascistic institution in the world than the EUSSR.

It's nationalism and xenophobia is so entrenched and brutal that it is comfortable allowing millions of member nations' citizens to starve and riot to preserve its fascistic, one-party European government.

The EUSSR was designed by a top flight Nazi Party lawyer -- Walter Hallstein -- who went on to become its first EUSSR Commission president.

Now, it is continuing in that vein.

It must and it should be stopped by all the decent people of Europe and of the world.


Linda Karlsson 13.10.2013 01:21

@Dana Ferris Memorial

Um , so are you saying its good that white people destroy the indians? Or that it is good immigrants are destroying the native white people of Europe? Or..?

Googl e : "ethnic british minority 2066" -Telegrap

G oogle : "London white minority 2012" -Telegrap/BBC

Google : "White usa minority 2042" -US census bureau.

Goo gle "ethnic Russian minority 2050" -Finish defence department

Google : "Ethnic Norwegians minority in Oslo by 2040" -thelocal

G oogle : "60% of Belgian residents foreign descent by 2060." -Census bureau

Oppo sing white genocide doesn't make you an racist, supporting it does.


George Rizk 12.10.2013 15:19

The West must realize that having an open door to immigrants (legal and illegal) must be selective to certain people. We must learn that people who have Western inclinations, and want to become part of us are the ONLY TYPE THAT SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO EVEN VISIT. Misfits who want work in the west because of better income or better way of life, or education, but still want stay attached to their old culture MUST BE CONSIDERED ENEMIES, since they work covertly to force change the character of our countries. For example " honor killing" as it is allowed in England? Barbaric people goes to the West to make us barbarians!


Dana Ferris Memorial 12.10.2013 11:36

i've lived in the US and I now live in France. In the US we're a land of immigrants who destroyed the native population. But here in France the people who are "white, native French" are very frightened by the influx of people of other nations, colors, and, cultures. And Le Pen's father wanted to send all "non-white French" back to "their countries" no matter how many generations they have been French!


Ivan Dragomiloff 11.10.2013 22:36

Could RT please stop using the propaganda terms and avoid refering to the National Front as a far-right party. Their propositions have nothing to do with the historical far-right and they have never defined themselves as a far-right party either. Thanks.


Billy 11.10.2013 22:25

They always blame Nationalism on the economy but they never say what the real problem is. People are protesting the flood of immigration into their lands and all the crime that comes with it. Sweden has become the rape capital of the world now thanks to the GLOBALISTS.


Leon the Professional 11.10.2013 22:23

They can act all proud and ethno-centric as they want, but in the end they are still all NATO trash.


Pete Anderson 11.10.2013 22:01

The E.U is destroying National cultures. National boundaries, National identity and National values. They are brainwashing the children and they are changing the history books.
The E.U must be stopped ! They have gone to war against the Nations of Europe.


Michael O'Sullivan 11.10.2013 19:52

The European Union oppresses Freedom and obliterates National Idenity. Smash The EU.


Lance 11.10.2013 17:58

It seems like the European socialist political elite are finally beginning to realise how much the peoples of Europe hate them and thier stinkng policies!!!

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