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Thousands march in Paris against same-sex marriage and adoption (PHOTOS)

24.03.2013 16:38

Tens of thousands of French families, activists and conservatives have marched in Paris protesting against a bill that if passed would allow same-sex marriage and adoption. Police fired teargas to prevent protesters from entering the Champs Elysees.

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Anonymous user 28.05.2013 10:16

i dont belive in gods,
but if you really need one, PLEASE dont use it against the other people!!

Anonymous user 27.05.2013 20:15

Greetings from Poland.We think the same

Anonymous user 27.05.2013 11:57

Viva Adam & Eva FOREVER!!!.......NO, Adam-Adam or Eva-Eva.

Anonymous user 27.05.2013 06:38

and when they finished protesting they all went to Le Marais for wine and bread lol

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 11:24

Gayxtremism in France? Read: http://mobilizingide 3/03/31/gayxtremism- in-france/

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 12:08

Really cant say g a y s? because its offensive? how?

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 12:07

Good not everyone is dum dum dum dum dumb and scared of teh big bad ga-ys.

Dum Dum Dum Dum Dumb.


David Oil 21.04.2013 19:30

Marriage is not a right so the whole "equal protection" stuff is ho^gwash. In fact you have to ask for permission to be married. There are and always have been strict rules to be qualified to get married. Typically those include:
1. You cannot already be married.
2. You cannot marry a direct family member.
3. The couple must be members of the opposite s^ex.
and many other restrictions.

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 15:29

Jesus said the law is 'love God with all your heart, then love your neighbor as yourself'?

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 15:41

Yeah, lets give them kids to turn into morally bankrupt degenerates like them...SMH, I wanna scream!

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 15:30

God forbid this behavior ,so you deny God to justify your immorality . SMH ,you all deserve to burn.

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 15:27

God said; You shall not lay with a man, as you do a woman . Cannot justify this behavior as normal

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 15:21

This American says hats off to the French , and Russians ,Americans hate Limp wrists and butchies 2.

Anonymous user 30.03.2013 12:54

I was right there in Paris last Sunday when this mayhem erupted. Sad.

Anonymous user 29.03.2013 05:16

This needs to happen in the United States.

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 07:38

Maybe this will be the year were wrong is seen for what it is wrong!!

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 01:04

I am shocked at what I read here. What you do is persecution of homosexuals. Don't you see?

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