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Storm of criticism hits France after Interior Minister disowns Roma migrants

25.09.2013 17:56

France has come under fire from the European Commission after Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Roma migrants “are due to return to their motherlands” because of their lifestyle, which is “in confrontation” with the French way of living.

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Norman London 19.10.2013 16:22

We shouldn't allow any Roma into the UK either.


Katerina Highdothowa-Cole 19.10.2013 12:03,no,noooo,p lease keep them there!!we can't deal with them in Bulgaria..gypsies are nomadic folks,or with other words:"finder-k eeper"..and God bless!


CLAYTON PEHI 19.10.2013 06:52

France has first and foremost, an obligation to its own. There are so many indigenous families out of work. The poverty that the French suffer, is not because of the Roma people but because of the dumb greedy decisions made from inexperienced politicians. There fore "Roma" YOU HAVE TO GO HOME, YOU MUST, get your people to sort YOUR poverty problems out.


abdulMuid 18.10.2013 10:15

bastlaw 26.09.2013 16:49

Advice to the real French from a White American. Get those intruders out of France and keep your country French.

Blo od poisoning is killing America. Don't let it kill France.

Tin sley Grey Sammons (1936 --)


First of all, whites came to America and killed the natives here then they have the nerve to talk about other countries America is an Empire, not a country you whites stole that, my people been here 10 thousand years before, the Muslims taught Columbus how to sail the Alantic current. think about that for awhile before you go trying to give advice to another


bastlaw 26.09.2013 16:49

Advice to the real French from a White American. Get those intruders out of France and keep your country French.

Blo od poisoning is killing America. Don't let it kill France.

Tin sley Grey Sammons (1936 --)


Ed Camilo 26.09.2013 15:23

America should bomb France and help restore minority rights in France.


Ed Camilo 26.09.2013 15:22

Russia needs to draw some lessons from the USSR and arm and sponsor guerrilla groups all over the fascist controlled world! I'd love to be part of an anti-fascist squadron!


Ed Camilo 26.09.2013 15:18

Time to arm the Gypsies!


Ed Camilo 26.09.2013 15:17

The entire European continent has been historically the stomping ground of the Gypsies. they are the original colonizers of Europe. the fascist french can drop dead or go populate the Moon!


Ed Camilo 26.09.2013 15:13

the nomads , the ones that are not mad have a lot to teach all of us. Travel with the birds, fallow the good weather, walk the Earth and enjoy all of it ; instead of being confined to one corner until you die! refuse to accept artificial frontiers. stop the madness!.


Ed Camilo 26.09.2013 15:06

France is a fascist run country. In theory it is supposed to be a multiparty parliamentarian democracy; in reality all political parties, including the ruling socialist is under control of the fascist /Nazi gang!
As a matter of fact France's socialists are national socialists like Hitler.


Marek Nový 26.09.2013 13:53

Gerry , You won this discussion. In Slovakia are gypsy killing one old man with axe per month. Regulary. And the Goverment is doing nothing to protect old people against preferred minority, because they are Soros puppets.


bastlaw 26.09.2013 12:52

Native born people are not morally obliged to sacrifice their birthright to foreign intruders. Frenchmen have the natural right to enforce the return of the foreign intruders.

Tinsley Grey Sammons (Anglo-American, 1936 --)


Emil Seuthe 26.09.2013 11:57

they always come for weakest first - the way Europe is going I cant wait to get history books in my hands lets say 20 or 30 years from now (if i'm still around). bet the tenor will be : hitler's biggest mistake was that he was born 80 years too early - sickening to see what Europe has become over the last 20 years.


Juan Angel Trigo 26.09.2013 11:48

All beings are brothers and sisters, love all.

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