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French FM threatens ‘force’ over Syria chemical attack if UNSC fails to act

22.08.2013 07:14

France has called the international community to respond with force if it is proved true that the Syrian government carried out a chemical attack on civilians.

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Rafasa Arandas 28.08.2013 01:55

Awesome, love the French, God bless them.


Ed Camilo 24.08.2013 22:28

Syrian has something special for the rear of the french colonialists. Syria is not Mali or Libya. Syria is more like Algeria. the fight will go on for some years and then the mercenaries will die wishing they had at least spent some of the money they were promised for fighting and terrorizing the locals.


PJ 24.08.2013 19:50

Hollande only wants to increase his poor popularity rating at home, and divert attention away from the appalling economic situation in France. It's standard practice for politicians.


fran7 24.08.2013 07:04

It is the cannibal rebels using poison gas and chemicals they brought through the Turkish corridor who are inflicting these despicable crimes and trying to blame the legitimate government of Assad. Syria is winning the war against these USA backed gangsters and the rebels are using the poison gas on innocent Syrian people in a last desperate attempt to involve USA military by blaming the legitimate government of Syria.


Davol White 23.08.2013 19:38

Here here I agree we need to use force in Syria. There are terrorist Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels there invading that nation, and they have used deadly chemical weapons on innocent civilians twice now just in the last couple months. I say we find these rebels and bomb them back into the stone age where they came from. Maybe we can work with this Assaad fellow to help restore peace to his nation that has been torn apart by these mysterious foreign-backed chemical weapon armed insurgents.


WILLY BO 23.08.2013 19:13

isn't it strange that AlQaeda never attacked israeli people, even soft targets like tourists? Whom do they take their orders from? US and tel aviv of course!
911, and the fall of 3 buildings WTC1,2, and 7 at free fall speed (only 2 planes involved) was a revealing event. Mossad was deeply involved-as the arrest of 5 israeli spies by the FBI proved it.
Every false flag operations in the region, i.e car bombing in Lebanon, is its work.


Dominic Cote 23.08.2013 15:01

God forbid gas, they should have stuck with heavy drone fire or small to mid arms fire to kill innocents, that would have been fine.


Sharon Storm 23.08.2013 12:07

what brownnoses the french politicians are. they're so slimy they could be (gasp!) US politicians!!


Garrett 23.08.2013 03:31

So if the French FM is shown that it wasn't Assad's regime, but the rebels, then are they going to show the same "force"? Probably not.


penelope powell 23.08.2013 00:01

Muslim Brotherhood pretends to be humanitarian, but really just want raw power to form extremist Islam Caliphate to take over entire MidEast. Saudis helped MB Erdogan get elected Turkey, accepted MB takeover Libya. But now Saudis have wakened to their danger & reject MB in Egypt. Apparently they still support MB takeover of Syria cuz they dislike power of Shias. However, their chem warfare propaganda is so poorly done that it makes me wonder if it's purposely inept. Or is that too Machievelian?


penelope powell 22.08.2013 23:40

CONNIE, I wish I had your confidence about the Russians acting to protect Syria if necessary. But Putin has delayed delivery of the ground-to-air missiles "for at least a year" "due to the instability in Syria". It doesn't look good. If Syria were stable (not under attack) it wouldn't NEED the missiles to protect against no-fly zone or Israel bombs.


Azad Tazmin 22.08.2013 19:03

Rather amazing which tricks are being used by those governmnets who support the terrorists / rebels. France has still not learnt a lesson from their former military engagements in Algeria and Vietnam. She wants to play the "European Police" partnered by UK and America loves to play "World Policeman". How can these countries deploy armed forces without getting UN permission to do so? Russia and China are not going to sit and watch if the the three "Police States" engage and attack a sovereign state. Barking dogs do not bite.

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