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French law temporarily bans GM-maize planting while larger ban gains steam

18.02.2014 01:34

The French government issued a decree Monday forbidding farmers to plant genetically-modified maize in the immediate future while the government drafts a comprehensive law that will attempt to ban the practice nationwide.

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Maria 20.02.2014 04:05

There is a new wheat that has been grown it is an ancient wheat and a newer variety combined not GMO'd and it has a better yield than GMO wheat it is also quite resistant to pests. With some populations out of control we could start with contraception been freely available in these country's. We don't need chemicalised food.


Steve P 19.02.2014 05:56

And my family says that the French aren't good at anything. Viva la France!


Gem 18.02.2014 22:10

Temporary yes! Once the EU signs the TransAtlantic 'Free' Trade Agreement, the EU (including the UK) will become an American controlled corpocracy, after which, objectors (even governments) actions that deemed likely to threaten a corporations profits will find it a very expensive experience!


Danny van Deelen 18.02.2014 19:24

Good thing, ban all GMO's including Monsanto, Dupont


margarida oulman 18.02.2014 18:04

Hopefully it will be permanently suspended, but don´t count on it! Why? Well, there are negotiations as i write, going on between the US and EU and this is the TRANSATLANTIC wonderful deal for big MONSANTO and other Big Corporations.
Th is is to calm down the WE`S, smoke screens WAKE UP!


Tehachapi Gal 18.02.2014 17:34

Ban all GM crops from the planet. They're causing human cancer and destroys the intestines, like intended for bugs, where you end up wearing a colostomy bag after your operation.


Jason S 18.02.2014 17:26

I congratulate France for having the maturity and compassion for its citizens to make the bold moves my own country (U.S.) cannot make because Monsanto has bought and paid for our federal government here. The fact is, Monsanto doesn't care about the welfare of the human race as much as they care about their profits. So if they engineer something that makes their quarterly statement better, but also might cause an increase in autism and food allergies (both of which take time to prove), Monsanto will go ahead and release the product, then pay off governments to let them sell their poison Worldwide.


Tehachapi Gal 18.02.2014 17:25

Stupid people. Don't believe studies. In the DallasNews. MEXICO CITY — The stunning and little-understood annual migration of millions of Monarch butterflies to spend the winter in Mexico is in danger of disappearing, experts said Wednesday, after numbers dropped to their lowest level since record-keeping began in 1993.
Their report blamed the displacement of the milkweed the species feeds on by genetically modified crops and urban sprawl in the United States, extreme weather trends and the dramatic reduction of the butterflies’ habitat in Mexico due to illegal logging of the trees they depend on for shelter.


Dany Toumie 18.02.2014 16:25

Robert Anderson 18.02.2014 13:28



I feel sorry for people like you!
You have made absolutly no research for yourself about what you are eating, am i correct? To bad. What you are saying about the yellow rise, is completly wrong. READ about it, there is so much proof on the internet that proves that it is not healthy, and does not have the effect that you claim it has.


Paul Vonharnish 18.02.2014 14:41

The majority of you are still not understanding the true situation on this planet. There are so many genies out of the bottle you'll never have a chance to stuff them all back in. Radioactivity anyone? The petrochemicals used for food production have already wrecked havoc on your soils in all industrialized countries. Genetic manipulation of feed-crops ultimately causes genetic mutations in farm stock, then runs it's way up the food chain. All political and economic debate about GMO will soon be trumped by starvation. You've already ruined your planet and your futures with Monsanto and Dupont filth. Just wave goodbye.

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