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Wikipedia outraged: French intelligence orders to remove ‘classified’ content

07.04.2013 07:03

The company behind the world’s largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, claims a French intelligence agency summoned one of its volunteers, forcing him to delete content after the website turned down their request to remove ‘classified’ information.

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Anonymous user 09.04.2013 00:55

which has been unlawfully collected?

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 00:54

how much private info does French "Intel" have?

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 11:40

Will someone just tell the French that no one want to invade them anymore.

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 08:11

Wikipedia is used by a small group to censor and lie, rewrite history

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 05:59

When I fly to bring back my nieces i better not have any problems.

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 05:55

The curse is in suspended animation on autopilot your reaction could activated the curse

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 05:49

The period

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 05:46

Yo Hollande here's what I know: yo Hollande here's what I know.

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 03:13

France needs a new Charles Martel now. Maybe scientists could bring him back?

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 02:16

"Mouseheads smelling cheezy"

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 02:05

Wikipedia is the voice of one group rewriting history and lying.

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 02:04

Wikipedia controls information through censorship.

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 01:58

French is the other name of hypocrisy.

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 01:42

Is that EU's freedom?
Where are all those european hypocrites who like to discuss freedom in Russia?

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 00:54

Wikipedia prevents people to edit their OWN wikipedia pages through censorxhip

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 00:50

Wikipedia is a total censor. Small groups runs it

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