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Fukushima kids have skyrocketing number of thyroid abnormalities - report

18.02.2013 03:54

A recent report into the Fukushima Nuclear disaster of 2011 has shown that more than forty percent of children have thyroid abnormalities.

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Anonymous user 29.04.2013 17:16

@Daniel-Enrico Grasenack-Tente. Please provide a link to the full article. Thanks!


Daniel-Enrico Grasenack-Tente 11.03.2013 11:31

[...] To obtain control data for comparison (since this was the first large-scale study using newer, more sensitive apparatus), the Environment Ministry tested 4,365 children aged between 3 and 18 in three other cities far from Fukushima, using ultrasound devices of the same performance and diagnostic standards.
The surveys found similar abnormalities (cysts measuring up to 2 cm and lumps measuring up to 5 mm) in 56.6 percent of the children tested. Larger cysts and lumps, requiring follow up, were found in 1.0 percent of them, compared with 0.6 percent in the Fukushima children.[...]
I can send a full article! Daniel

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 09:38

These American designed and built nuclear plants were found to be very poorly designed in early 1970

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