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Japan plans to borrow $30 billion for Fukushima cleanup – report

12.11.2013 11:16

Japan’s government is allegedly finalizing plans to borrow some $30 billion for the cumbersome cleanup of the Fukushima nuclear power plant and the surrounding region, as well as compensating evacuees, Reuters reports citing sources.

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Jean-Marc Bolduc 07.01.2014 20:26

30 billion for duct tape, a hand full of nuts and bolts and a bunch of workers that have to pay most of their pay checks for room and board to stay at Fukushima who Is pocketing all the money


Mikey Moo 08.12.2013 04:47

the trouble with building a robot if you look at chernobyl this was tried and failed and this is four times worse

stop the war on terror will be ample money to clean this up


Frank Mc Carthy 21.11.2013 23:49

Japan plans to borrow $30 billion for Fukushima cleanup from the same Zionist Illuminati crooks that caused it.


Boon Tee Tan 13.11.2013 07:04

Tepco cannot be trusted, wonder why Japanese government should allow it to proceed with the extremely risky task at Fukushima reactor 4. Would IAEA experts not help this time? (mtd1943)


Damien Golding 13.11.2013 05:44

I really don't get what they are doing with all that money 30 billion dollars is many many times more than enough to build a building that surrounds the complex.
All I see is slow progress. I live in Japan, and people like me will suffer because they can't do anything.
No one can get close enough? Build a robot! More than enough with that much money.


George Heissner 13.11.2013 03:08

sell the manuals on how to torture americans who commit know crimes while in the camps to sadists,ect.. and we will have enough to pay the worlds debt,and clean up fukishima 100x!!!


George Heissner 13.11.2013 03:07

take the d.h.s. and the t.s.a. and f.e.m.a. apart and sell the billions of rounds of hollow points meant for us during socialistic take over,sell the millions of plastic coffins,the 2700+ m.r.a.p.s,the little kid shooting targets,the old lady and old man targets and the little girl targets,all the mre's the soldiers were going to eat while taking out 90% of an innocent american population,sell the at least 2 haarp arrays we know of and there is so much,more


漢陰陽 13.11.2013 02:29

the Government of japan is screwng the people over without them even knowing. Can you imagine if this were happening in China?


Aggie L 12.11.2013 22:05

This sucks so bad. Japan has pretended to have everything under control, but it's a global issue. The magnitude of this mess is far beyond the capabilities of workers. It's like trying to contain an atom bomb AFTER it's been exploded. Being next to the ocean just multiplies the problem. What's OUR half-life?


Kim 12.11.2013 20:01

UN just requested 301 million dollars from member nations to deal with the Philippines disaster.

50 billion was already set aside for containment and clean up of Fukushima Diiachi. To put this into perspective, Fukushima Diiachi is 265 times as costly as the typhoon disaster in the Philippines.


Kim 12.11.2013 19:20

Three rules of radiation: containment, speed, distance.

C ontainment is off the table. Get those people out of there now.


Kim 12.11.2013 19:18

32 grams (about the size of 32 dimes) of Cesium 137 sickened over 100,000 people in Goiania, Brazil in 1987.

The more you know...


Jan Vanosnabrugge 12.11.2013 19:18

Governments in America and Europe are requested to include that 30 billion (and ,honestly, a lot more) in the cost comparisons with solar and wind).
Note , no insurance company will take this on.
Follow the Germans ,they have shut them down!


Kim 12.11.2013 19:16

Mark Roman 12.11.2013 18:56

(from BBC reporter: Rupert Wingfield-Hayes)
Tokyo Electric Power Company was happy to show us reactor four, but please do not ask what they intend to do with reactors one, two and three.


Do n't ask. Cause the more you know...the worse it gets.


Kim 12.11.2013 19:12

Dannie Kirk Jensen 12.11.2013 18:35

It probably won't hurt though...


Yes it will. The money will be wasted on ineptitude and corruption when the money should be spent to evacuate the area before it's too late. By the time they decide to act decisively and correctly with that money, it'll be gone and will be too late for millions in japan.


Kim 12.11.2013 19:06

How can they decontaminate anything when there is a continual outflow of radiation that isn't contained, and will never be contained. Who do they think they're fooling.

Al so, why is there plutonium on the site? Were they also enriching uranium for nuclear weapons? Maybe this accounts for their being less than forthcoming about the scope of this disaster.


Dannie Kirk Jensen 12.11.2013 18:35

Mark Roman 12.11.2013 18:28

More money being tossed at problem that money cannot fix.


It probably won't hurt though. Seems like the severity of this issue is finally sinking in.

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