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Japan to begin removal of fuel rods from Fukushima plant

07.11.2013 08:25

TEPCO is preparing to begin the dangerous task of extracting over 1,500 nuclear fuel rods from the Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant. The risky operation is an essential step in to stabilize the site, in a process that could take decades.

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Adam Oscar Not-Charlie 21.11.2013 02:46

Its not Nuclear Power thats the problem its that its war hungry 60 year old Nuclear Technology.

and even back then they had a much better solution
LFTR Clean + a much cheaper Catalyst:

Way more abundant and safe Then Uranium it can power the world and clean 99% of the nuclear waste we have accumulated in the process of giving us power

No offense to wind and solar, But if you do the math you will see its a nice addition to ,But not a solution to a very power hungry Race in a massive population Explosion on a very weak planet.

to survive we need to cover ground very fast
LFTR is the only viable solution


Julius 14.11.2013 18:38

Mark Roman 09.11.2013 19:00

Where on the planet can these people be found? So far, the count is ZERO.


Not true, the experts have been arranged from all over the world already. The problem is, if radiation is too high, nobody is considering human intervention, simply because it means suicide. As it stands, radiation is extremely high in and around Reactor 3.
What they constantly need to be doing is constructing new robots, each one for a custom task. The japanese are good at that, but only if their living conditions are in order, which is everything but the case around Fukushima Daiichi.


Jon K. 13.11.2013 00:56

Pedro 08.11.2013 11:30

I am totally dumb founded that some out there still are pro nuclear !
We are looking at the possibility of a long and short term wipe out of most of the people on this planet.
Who will survive ? Those that can leave when it becomes time to do so ........those that are behind it all.... those in control of you and I.
I have not met most of you reading this blog, I hope you have a good afterlife.


Yo u are a moron!!!!!


Johnny Atkinson 12.11.2013 09:44

" In this photo released by Kyodo November 6, 2013. " deliberately leads people to believe that everything is fine! While the photo may have been released on Nov. 6, 2013 there is serious doubt that this is actually the situation and condition of the cranes on this date. It is most likely a stock photo from long before 2011.


Peter Craig 10.11.2013 05:15

Dont expect anything but lip service from the obama collective. They want their power as much as Japan clings to its pride. I sincerely hope they all get what they deserve.


Johnny Berdayes 09.11.2013 17:51

WTF! How can these incompetent fools be left to experiment with the fate of this planet at stake! Where are the power hungry savior watchdogs that are always poking their nose into other countries business when it really matters! The U.S are a f'ing joke on a global scale! BLAH! Get in there with some people who know what they are doing!


Peter Craig 09.11.2013 04:07

-say your prayers wabbit


joshua jackson 09.11.2013 00:42

This is going to be tough times. theres 3 melted cores there, nothing they can do with them. Man has not technology to deal with this. They have probably burned into the eath a year ago. The numbers they give are pretty low, and they have been continually releasing since the accident. Now is not the time for deciet.

Since 10/25 there hasnt been any twitter or facebook posting from the Japanese social network. Like the goverment cut off what they couldnt control.


nicktrcat . 08.11.2013 17:44

I read that the sun is changing the supposedly constant rates of radioactive decay. I hope it is true and makes these reactors become quickly useless! Have a google for 'The Sun is changing the constant rates of decay of radioactive elements' and see for yourselves.
I also read among the scientific journals that the atomic weights have changed. Google that as well.

Hugs to all


Pedro 08.11.2013 11:43

Just a point that came to me on reflection of the news item.
I am guessing that there are MANY readers of this site that do precision work on a daily basis and do it well.
Do you, have faith that TEPCO or any other team can pull this off without any hitch ?
If you do, please say so and make us all believe there is nothing to worry about.

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