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​Fukushima ice wall: TEPCO drills freeze wells to stop contaminated groundwater

29.01.2014 07:35

The operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant is erecting an underground wall of frozen soil, which would hopefully stop radioactive water from running into the sea. However, doubts remain over whether it will fix the leak problem.

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Nick Bezdredoff 13.02.2014 11:07

Jan Vanosnabrugge 30.01.2014 23:26

No matter how big you make the frozen earth container, it will eventually overflow .What do you do then ? Build another one ?? Looks like a pipe dream suggested by people who are used to "kicking the can down the road".


Probably, but ground freezing is much better way, than some bacteries or anythig else. Specialist from Simmakers, FSA or even Moretrench can calculate that, AGF is easily predicted, and it's a thing that actually works.


Jan Vanosnabrugge 30.01.2014 23:26

No matter how big you make the frozen earth container, it will eventually overflow .What do you do then ? Build another one ?? Looks like a pipe dream suggested by people who are used to "kicking the can down the road".


Michael Coomer 30.01.2014 14:09

They act like they have this under control. No mainstream media is covering this planet killer. 300 tons of radio active water A DAY for the last 3 YEARS have been running into the Pacific. The North American west coast is being fried because these people have been argueing for the last 3 years on who is to blame for the problem. No one wants to take responsibility for it. BUT instead of placing blame, we, as a species need work together to contain this and prevent anymore damage.


Justin Heard 30.01.2014 08:18

Nice. However; it will take drilling drilling 360 degree...with no gaps...around each of the 3 molten cores to slow down this unstoppable event.

Not even "Dig Dug" can pull that off!

No need for "more permanent" solutions. Why? The genie is out the bottle...its a wrap.


T J 29.01.2014 19:11

Sadly, there is no way to control the damage that's being done or will be done.
The world simply doesn't have the technology or know how to handle the situation.
Our generations quest for energy at any cost will be our legacy. From oil spills, to fracking, to nuclear disasters. Man has left a stain upon this earth.


Suzuki Hiroshi 29.01.2014 18:41

Japan to freeze the ground at Fukushima to prevent contaminated water leakage
January 22, 2014 Voice of Russia
At the moment, the radiation level at the Fukushima plant and in the Fukushima plant`s neighborhood breaks all the records. In fact it’s so high that can kill a person over a period of a few hours.

It has been already found out that more than one half of all the fishes that have been caught in the sea near Fukushima contained radioactive metals in the fishes` bodies. Moreover, radioactive substances have been discovered in the organisms of fishes and whales 1,000 kilometers away from Fukushima.


SnotDog 29.01.2014 18:29

This ice wall idea won't stop the radioactive steam and smoke emissions, that is still spewing out of those reactors.


goedelite 29.01.2014 13:41

1. Are there any estimates by reputable scientific organizations of the number of people who will die from the radiation thus far leaked into the Pacific Ocean and fallout from airborn contamination as a result of Fukushima, TEPCO, and corrupt politicians in Japan?
2. One thing could be done for the sake of justice: Japan should arrest the major executives and shareholders of TEPCO and form them into crews to do the dangerous work of cleanup. Surely, there are tasks they could do that are now being done by workers risking their lives.


Pedro 29.01.2014 13:02

1) The people behind many of the decisions made in this world don't care about the outcome because the result won't happen in their lifetime or have secret bunkers.
2) Countries such as Japan and maybe France and others I have not read about, think that the oceans have so many billions of galons of water that a few hundred gallons of radio active waste will simply be diluted away.
Just like, cutting down forests at acres per minute won't deplete the oxygen because there are millions left to do it along with the oceans. There must come a time when we will be gasping for air and can't eat food from the sea.


Pedro 29.01.2014 12:46

I am dumb as far as knowing about radiation, but there are many that post on this site that obviously do.
My question to them is. I thought that some or most of the radiation was blocked by such materials as led and or concrete.
Theref ore, the ice wall may stop the flow of radioactive water, but does it stop the radiation of that water going past the ice wall into any water on the other side ?
I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but as I said, I do not understand radiation other than to know it is not good.


Tim Caffery 29.01.2014 11:57

Look RT, playing it safe it the dumbest reaction any human, organized/profession al or not, that only make this calamity a that more worse. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! The Pan-Pacific coasts need to be evacuated. My father already died of ionizing radiation poisoning, how many more? Are you waiting for a headline? A ocean water molecule has about 11-14 particles, picture them radiated, smashing into countless others. What happens? Is the radiation transferred? Is it weakened? Salt, oxygen, hydrogen, amoeba, plankton, mineral deposits; what do you think happens? Nothing? You guys are sick, like "white moderates", sick.


Zeitgeisttt 29.01.2014 11:23

Three years later and getting progressively worse.....when will they learn?


mergon 29.01.2014 11:12

They have been poring millions of gallons of water on those reactors from day 1 ,even the contaminated water they have stored is corroded and leaking out into the environment ,and where are they going to dump those tons of contaminated earth, some corrupt African state ?
Well they can always dump it all into an active volcano and then blame the outfall on vehicle exhausts and just put up the green tax on fuel !


Davis-Guess Wendy 29.01.2014 10:00

There should be construction of a huge bubble barge right now. There should be excavation of a manmade lake in the middle of the driest desert on earth, a remote place where there is no life to speak of, to spare ocean life. Get this show on the road! Nothing else matters. What is wrong with the leaders we are seeing on our TV screen? Have the all gone mad?

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