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Another earthquake: New 4.9 tremor near Fukushima

04.11.2013 14:26

A 4.9 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter close to Fukushima Prefecture has struck the eastern coast of Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

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Christopher John Walters 11.11.2013 22:28

Our man in Japan 1945 Why the glum face ? "The US irradiated us!"

O ur man in California 2013 Why the Glum face ? "The Japanese Irradiated us!"


zsdfkj345 07.11.2013 11:37

You are misinformed. Our US Government is killing reporters in the US. Just google it. Free press is a thing of the past in the USA. The government is currently attempting to create a law that says who can "publish the news" and who cannot, including posts on the internet. You wait they are not even done. Looks more and more like China here every single day.


Rocky Racoon 06.11.2013 17:16

Mr Putin Please adopt the economic bill of rights put forward by FDR when USSR and USA were allies. That will be the greatest propaganda coup even bigger than Syria chemical weapons. And it is what the world needs right now balance...stability. ..Do it MR PUTIN please. It is not much of a stretch to do it and like I said the propaganda when the entire western world is grinding it's people into the ground adopt an economic bill of rights from the man who ushered in the NEW DEAL and 50 years of progress in the USA.


Rocky Racoon 06.11.2013 17:12

ok boomers Mom's and Pop's time to go hippie everyone who still has a guitar around the house pick it up start a band and start singing about this stuff from the rooftops there are all kinds of sites for rad music and time to inspire and let every one know hey it is ok to change society-that is what human beings do. It is in our very nature to transform non human nature to suit our purposes. Time to create the post capitalist world. Crisis and corruption built into capitalism we must change Ima changeling.....


Suzuki Hiroshi 05.11.2013 17:26

High thyroid cancer rates detected in Fukushima children
Novembe r 5, 2013 ABC News
Since the disaster the Fukushima local government has carried out a large-scale screening program and with about 200,000 children tested, there have been 18 confirmed cases of thyroid cancer and 25 more suspected cases – an unexpectedly high rate.
And it's not just the thyroid data that has been kept secret, so too were the initial meetings of the Fukushima panel charged with screening the region's children.


Rick Laviolette 05.11.2013 14:34

Looking back at the decades, the United States spent $trillions defending global interests for nuclear power, coal and oil. $8 Trillion was spent on wars alone.
Had we just given our utility companies a perpetual leasing system for solar and wind where every homeowner leased their rooftop space, that war-related, $14 trillion would be giving us a return in abundant power, employment and a clean environment instead of sitting in Cayman Island accounts
. Is there anyone out there who would not pay a lease and get a fixed rate on their utility prices?


Tamara Bessette 05.11.2013 02:48

Extremely sad.


David M Joyce 05.11.2013 00:50

We all know this disaster will not go away soon. I have a thought like some real knowledgeable input, No off the Cuff Know it all's Please. Here goes, I suggest they explode a low grade Nuclear device and vaporize this site period. Not sure all the details only seems sensible to vaporize this site gone no more its worth the thought. Make it Happen. We do not have technology to slow this down!!


Bill Tev 05.11.2013 00:05

Early one morning the Japanese will be forced abandon there island and move to Russia and live as refugee tenants. This is going to happen in our living years. I hope the Japanese gvt have a massive evacuation plan in process and have asked Russia for a place to stay.


Peter Craig 04.11.2013 23:38

Even if everyone knew how bad this really is, its still too late. The Pacific is dying, and our fate is sealed. 3 to 5 hundred tons of the worst radioactive isotopes into the pacific everyday, 3 completely melted reactors out of containment and in contact with the sea, earthquakes daily, rainfall runoff sending cesium into the sea from the mountains, total inept performance from TEPCO with a growing tank farm, a govt that cares more about the olympics, and oh yes, the occasional typhoon. Dang!!! Make sure you tell your family that you love them!

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