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Fukushima leak emergency: LIVE UPDATES

07.08.2013 12:04

As 300 tons of contaminated water flow daily into the Pacific from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, Japan’s government is working in crisis mode to make sure the leak, which the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has failed to contain, is sealed.

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James May 01.11.2013 10:21

Money wins today but soon the King of Kings is coming and will take the power away from the money exchangers.
Pers onally, I'm not afraid of death,
I've been born again.
And I'm hoping and spending all my money to reach all the people I can, and say with all the love in me,
Are you ready for what's really coming?
Hears how ( Bible KJV ACTS 2:38)
I feel sorry for the kind people of Japan and I am praying for you. :)


Roland Lawrence 09.09.2013 12:22

Well im confused. This is the Japanese, the same people who are just awesome at building stuff. Second only to the Chinese in speed of getting things done. Surely there was a disaster plan already years ago with all surveys and solutions in place? Even people who are not civil engineers can see that the water funnels down the mountains to the plant and that would need addressing as soon as the accident occurred? Also why is it that a technically expert country like Japan does not have adequate safety gear or equipment for its cleanup crew? How did no one see that rubber degrades quickly with sea salty air?


Peter Craig 07.09.2013 12:11

What everyone never mentions is the natural water runoff from the mountains. Incredible amounts of cesium are contaminating the mountain ranges inland. This is the groundwater they talk about, and with every rain, more and more radioactive particles runoff into the pacific. ALL rivers and streams in Fukushima prefecture and elsewhere, deliver ever increasing contamination to the sea. You cant stop this poisoning of the environment. All the while, denial from a mob run govt, a US president who doesnt care, and media that are truly irresponsible, shape our nuclear demise toward depopulation.


Peter Craig 04.09.2013 23:47

One decent sized tremor could collapse unit 4 spent fuel pool, which could yield the equivalent of 14000 hiroshima bombs. Not something I like thinking about. And thats only one of the risks humanity faces. Might as well order a pizza.


Lahcen Oizaz 03.09.2013 06:44

What happened in Fukushima is yet not clear. Maybe the reports of JimmStone can give some light. If his theory is accurate Fukushima is a crime scene. A crime scene with still enough evidence to make a solid case.


Jenny White 02.09.2013 19:33

What is wrong with people? Had JP Morgan not been greedy and listened to Nikola Tesla over a hundred years ago the world would have clean, free energy available to everyone on the planet through his invention of alternating current. We get what we deserve. Now the planet will pay the price as well.


Fussilat Al Fussilat 01.09.2013 08:11

I think: only God can solve such dangerous problem.

So let the Japanese believe in God alone without associate
and believe in the Quran revealed Prophet Mohammed,

and abandon their idolatry and worshipping of the sun and idols -->

and I assure them God will save them very easily from all their problems.


Liz 30.08.2013 00:24

Just wait until the highly radioactive mass extinction of the Pacific Ocean's fish washes up on the beach front mansions of the world's richest people. I bet the property values are dropping already.

Bu t what I want to know is, what is the half life of the radioactive particals being leaked into the Ocean?


JB 29.08.2013 05:58

Look up Dr. Helen Caldicott / Fukushima


Stephen Matthews 28.08.2013 21:19

I'm afraid to say that we, the human race are in the process of destroying our planet and making it an unfit place to sustain human life. The Fukushima problem has already gone Global so ignoring it won't help. No one should even think of eating anything that has come out of the Pacific Ocean already there are many reports of radioactive contamination from the west coast of America. Japanese population are being encouraged to eat seafood caught off of the Fukushima coast containing dangerous amounts of radioactive isotopes. People before Profit should be the motto, sadly money wins


John Taylor 26.08.2013 04:05

We will not really know how "hot" the place is until the temperature drops in the coming winter, the steam emanating from the plant will be hard to hide, oddly, webcams are not online for all to see now, good luck humans


Mycenay Plyler 23.08.2013 16:48

This is why we need a Spiritualution. It is possible and Gabriel of Urantia describes it beautifully in his article titled, "To Achieve Cultural And Religious Unity In A One-World Government Outside Of The Control Of The 1%, A Global Spiritualution Is The Only Answer".


Bruce Behrhorst 22.08.2013 19:06

I don't watch conspiracy films too much but maybe RT Vox-Gazprom (state broadcaster) could fund a movie on the issue of the JSDF fighting off renewed attacks by Godzilla.

I'd see that movie.


Bruce Behrhorst 22.08.2013 17:10

Radioactive Corium from a LOCA breached reactor does not act like a China Syndrome movie to melt or catalyze through the earth's crust that only happen in silly Hollywood movies Corium does solidify.
FYI - see>> Natural Nuclear Fission Reactors: Oklo, Gabon Africa.


Lahcen Oizaz 22.08.2013 11:28

4700 becquerels per liter, why are they not diluting this toxic waste to less dangerous levels in the high Sea?

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