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6 Fukushima workers exposed to radiation after pipe incident

09.10.2013 04:33

Six people working at the site of crippled Fukushima power plant have been exposed to radiation after one of them mistakenly removed a pipe connected to a contaminated water treatment system. It’s the second incident at Fukushima in three days.

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mergon 22.02.2014 11:56

Working time for workers = 3/4 months then your out the money is good but your going to die a slow death ,ask some of the workers !


john 12.10.2013 10:50

i guess employing society's outcasts with the help of the yakuza to deal with the most complex nuke challenge the world has ever faced makes these cover stories more plausible.. but then there were radiation level spikes all the way to the sea... must have been a realy long hose that one...


siyousyanamae 09.10.2013 19:19

Radiation levels in the sea around Japan have been holding steady and NOT falling as expected
OCT 8, 2013 Georgia Straight (Canada)
Fish from the water near Tokyo Electric plant are NOT faring so well. High levels of cesium-134, a radioactive isotope that decays rapidly, were found in fish samples there. Radiation levels in the sea around Japan have been holding steady and NOT falling as expected, further demonstrating that radiation leakage is NOT under control. At least 42 fish species from the immediate area are considered unsafe for consumption, and fisheries there remain closed.


Agent Codesmith 09.10.2013 18:10

We need some NASA scientists to look into it. They know a thing about radiation shielding. It's about time that Japan accepted they screwed-up and let in the international experts to deal with it.


Agent Codesmith 09.10.2013 18:00

The Japanese government is too proud to admit they have been wrong and they have not been able to contain the problem. The world needs to go in and do something. Why don't they build a massive lead structure surrounding the whole plant on land and put a lead cavity wall in the ocean to contain the radioactive sea water and then ring fence this with another wall to stop the lead polluted water, polluting the rest of the pacific. Expensive solution, but that's the only thing I can think of right now.


Peter Craig 09.10.2013 17:50

Just another Tepco screwup. Bringing in the homeless, unemployed, and mentally handicapped to do the work is not the answer. They are running out of bodies to fix their mistakes. The real news is spent fuel pool 4 and three continuously melting down reactors that have no chance of being stopped. The world at large still doesnt know what peril awaits us all.


Amran Ismail 09.10.2013 15:29

Japan just needs to print USD 5 billion of its money and use it to catapult the nuclear reactor and the area into space. Thats the only way..


Justin Korhonen 09.10.2013 14:49

We are phucked.


Dannie Kirk Jensen 09.10.2013 14:31

The shoreline itself is steaming sometimes.

I don't think anyone knows how bad this will get, trowing money at it won't help much.

We need to throw people at it :(


Geoff King 09.10.2013 14:13

So, this 'impervious wall made of steel pipe' is apparently designed to contain the radioactive seawater on one side. I imagine that water is getting more radioactive all the time. What happens when the next earthquake causes that wall to rupture?


j.innes 09.10.2013 13:46

The world must intercede in this crisis. It is human not to want to admit the scope of this problem but the international community is going to have to help Japan come to terms with this as TEPCO has failed and the response of the Japanese government has been anemic and inadequate.


Marc Letourneau 09.10.2013 12:35

This is not Japan's problem, it is a planetary problem. We need a planetary government body with teeth to deal with these worldwide problems, and quickly! The UN? When is the well being of the people will be the only preoccupation of the leaders? I wish the wisest scientists lead the planetary government body. No more politicians should be in charge when one considers the corruption they enjoy to bathe in, on top of their stupidity.


Geoff King 09.10.2013 11:23

Japan sits on the junction of 4 separate tectonic plates, making it one of the most earthquake prone spots on the planet. Perfect place to build nuclear reactors.


ty wier 09.10.2013 04:57

RockyFjord 09.10.2013 04:54

The saga continues. These crises always start by the PR control people downplaying the dangers or difficulties. But then as time goes on, the unbelievable becomes reality. I predict even scientists who downplay the potential danger for the oceans will be disproven by the facts of nature as time goes on.


Ex actly... remember thalidomide?


ty wier 09.10.2013 04:56

If I was a worker there, I think I'd quit... fairly obvious that TEPCO doesn't give a care about its workers or about anything else but getting paid for that matter.

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