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Fuel rod removal: Fukushima’s most dangerous operation yields first successes

21.11.2013 09:44

Workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant have successfully removed the first nuclear fuel rods from a cooling pool suspended above ground in what is one of the most dangerous operations ever attempted in nuclear history.

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Peter Ptak 23.07.2014 09:52

Where are they taking these rods?????


Iain Withers 17.02.2014 20:18

Everyone seems to have missed the freedom of information documents pertaining to the first month of the ongoing Fukushima disaster these clearly outline the facts reactors# 1.2 & 3 meltdown and loss of water in spent fuel pool #4 resulting in multiple fires and meltdown of the stored fuel prompting Gregory Jaczko to call for a 50 mile evacuation zone.....


Matti Aladin 13.02.2014 18:26

Stuxnet is a virus to uranium production plants, it's effect is to alter rpm's of an centrifuge, it's complex as it attacks to a transformer what adjusts the rotation and also to sensors to show wrong values back so it's basically a firmware update to certain manufactures, electric motors. It has nothing to do with the emergency stop of a reactor, it should work so that if electricity is out the fuel rods or neutron moderator, barium drops as free fall into the reaction and stops it. If metal twisted in quake and someones car ruble went into the water intake...


Only Truth 04.12.2013 12:33

Stuxnet caused the meltdowns. They waited for an earthquake, which are common, used HAARP's electric charge to cause a tsunami, and used stuxnet to cause meltdowns. Why was all of the damage caused by the tsunami? In videos, you see pristine houses being swept away by the waves. A 9.0 earthquake would have leveled cities! That was (supposedly) the first 9.0 ever in japan. Japan originally called it a 6 but the US tells them its a 9 to justify the massive tsunami. Japan was going to sell nuclear fuel to Iran! Not anymore.


Suzuki Hiroshi 26.11.2013 18:22

Fukushima nuclear meltdown causes thyroid condition in California babies.
25 November 2013 Voice of Russia
American scientists believe that the Fukushima nuclear fallout has impacted the health of babies born in California around the time of the Japanese power plant disaster. An upcoming review has revealed an increase in the number of newborns with congenital hypothyroidism, a rare but serious condition normally affecting about one child in 2,000.


Suzuki Hiroshi 26.11.2013 18:21

Fukushima nuclear disaster causes cancer and birth defects in US newborns – epidemiologist.
26 November 2013 Voice of Russia
After the disaster at Fukushima, little attention was paid to how the radiation leaks can affect the health of children who live in the US. The Radiation and Public Health Project research group speaks about the study that showed that kids born after 2010 have some 26% percent higher risks to have cancer and birth defects. But the US keep silent on the problem.


Ron Adams 25.11.2013 21:33

Intentions and prayers.being sent


Arlo Barnes 25.11.2013 07:25

"Arnie Gunderson, a veteran nuclear engineer and the director of Fairwinds Energy Education, told Reuters that the whole operation was akin to pulling cigarettes from a crumpled pack."
Brin gs a new meaning to the phrase 'cancer stick'.

(so rry)


Jacob Elmslie 24.11.2013 05:32

although some people claim the first photo looks altered I think it looks fine. if they wanted an altered photo they could have made it a lot easier on them selves by not having so much go on. Its the second photo that shows how fake these really are. fake as in staged. As reported building 4 is tilting.... but looking at the dangling cask you will see lines look parallel and perpendicular to the other surfaces of the room. and its so CLEAN! looks like its from a different facility.


Sindy Sloan Fagen 23.11.2013 22:39

Tom Charles 22.11.2013 20:09

Make up your mind! Did they remove 22 fuel rods OR 22 fuel assemblies! It would be good if your writers were consistent--it certainly can not be both since a fuel 'assembly' contains 15-20 fuel rods.


Each fuel assembly contains 50 to 70 fuel rods

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