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360 liters of radioactive water leaked from Fukushima plant – TEPCO

21.06.2013 05:54

At least 360 liters of radioactive water have leaked from a desalination unit at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, TEPCO has revealed. Earlier, elevated levels of cancer-causing radioactive isotope were discovered in the plant’s groundwater.

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Anonymous user 21.06.2013 13:46

Still less polluting than using fossil fuels....when are we going to crack fusion though?

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 10:35

If they state 100 gallons, it actually means 2,000 gallons


Whade Tufts 21.06.2013 09:12

Belgium's has offered to permanently clean it up within 1 wk using their revolutionary, natural plasma-magrav technology.

The vain egos running TEPCO and the globalist usurers who own them refuse.

Saving face and their dishonest, obsolete, extinct tech is more important to them than life ... anyone's life, including their own and their children's children.

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 08:57

Water vapour will make radioactive rain for the world and contaminate everything

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 08:54

imagine this happens in Russia, it'll be dubbed nonstop the worst environmental violator on earth.

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