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Cancer-causing isotope found in Fukushima groundwater – plant operator

19.06.2013 10:12

Elevated levels of cancer-causing radioactive isotopes have been discovered in the groundwater of the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, the plant’s operator has revealed. Highly toxic strontium-90 was present at 30 times the allowable rate, tests showed.

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Anonymous user 23.07.2013 11:47

We have

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 13:53

The West Coast of the U.S. and Canada, what is to be expected?


morgan adair 20.06.2013 03:36

That water comes over to our Bristol Bay salmon beds and they don't want us to mine the Pebble mine for gold.. What a joke, all about control and not safety. We will look like the "depicted" aliens for real after OWN get threw with us

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 00:55

The isotope is now spreading across pacific ocean through west coast of N. America, just horrible!

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 18:24

Chernobyl and Fukushima are no incidents but population control through stress and terror.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 16:41

Thats a real catastrphe,polution of groundwater are more serious than surface water.Slow replacement

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 15:43

What other disaster(s) is it going to take, to stop this nuclear madness???

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 14:42

Dump 100 tons of contaminated water a day into the sea? Are these people insane??

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 14:17

Ultra filtration can clean that water

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 14:09

Japan Government has money, instead of giving to Burma & others, they can spent some Fukashima

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 13:05

What a surprise . . . what did they expect after that unmitigated disaster?

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