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Fukushima radiation levels hit 2-year high

10.10.2013 08:29

Seawater just outside one of Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactors registered radiation levels on Wednesday 13 times the previous day’s reading, the operator of the crippled nuclear plant said on Thursday.

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mergon 22.02.2014 11:53

Tepco has poisoned the pacific fishing grounds and American beaches and how many people know this ?


mergon 22.02.2014 11:51

1960s the American government placed deep sea buoy,s into ALL OF THE WORLDS OCEANS under guise of planet warming they are there to measure currents ,flow and temperature they also measure radiation levels .

So we now know that the American government has a world map of radioactive flows ,nuclear power stations are placed on the worlds coasts because of massive amounts of water used to cool them + the fact no one wants them inland as they are a water drainer !

Tepco and General are one and the same but how people know this ?


Steven Rayner 26.10.2013 04:54

[quote name='suzuki hiroshi' time='11.10.2013 19:20']33 of 55 Bluefin Tuna Off California Coast Radioactive from Tokyo Electric
October 3, 2013 Intellihub News
CALIFORNIA — 33 of 50 Bluefin Tuna off the coast have been contaminated with radioactive Cesium 134


john 12.10.2013 10:29

the soil is stratuated with all kinds of water inflows (groundwater, pumped in water, rainfall water, leaked water) it is also under increasing mechanical stress ty to the tank farms and the damaged reactor superstructures..
my guess is that every time there is even a minor (5>) quake (like the two that occured the previous days) liquefaction events take place underground and near the surface.. they may not be significant enough to sink the plant buildings into the mud but they allow heavily contaminated water around the choriums to bubble up and out to the surface and sea.. and this is a good scenario..


Nick White 11.10.2013 20:30

stan2013 11.10.2013 07:13

I wonder how the Chinese gov't is looking at the situation? Their power posturing in the Far East takes on a whole new equation, being as Japan will be greatly weakened, and its' value as a US Ally will be diminished. A long-term plus for China I would think. Also gain for the other nations in region. Japanese products/exports will just sell a lot less, especially food items. Other peoples will link Japan with Fukushima, especially as the situation worsens.


Wh o cares about the political spin-offs? This is about survival.


suzuki hiroshi 11.10.2013 19:20

33 of 55 Bluefin Tuna Off California Coast Radioactive from Tokyo Electric
October 3, 2013 Intellihub News
CALIFORNIA — 33 of 50 Bluefin Tuna off the coast have been contaminated with radioactive Cesium 134, possibly from the previously decimated Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant which lies on the East coast of Japan reported NHK World.
According to the report, the radiation is accumulative, and the fact that Tuna is at the top of the food chain is even more concerning. According to the report “juvenile” tuna migrate from the waters of Japan over a 4 month period yearly.


Kim 11.10.2013 15:06

Next to neutron, gamma radiation is the worst kind of ionizing radiation. It doesn't require consumption like beta and alpha particles. It penetrates skin, water, air. It's settles in plant matter. I do not see how it can be diluted. It's either there or it isn't.

What options are left? Does anyone think the removal and containment of the spent fuels rods will be successful?


Terry Mckinney 11.10.2013 08:05

This is a ever worsening situation and if something isn't done by someone with the knowhow to stop the meltdown we could be eating radioactive salmon in time.The Japanese are obviously out of their depth here.Canada just keeps saying everything's just fine?Why worry about an ocean they already plan to fill with oil tankers?


Peter Craig 11.10.2013 03:35

Radioactive water flows into the pacific from every river and stream from the fallout that doused inland mountains. This is never mentioned, as well as the precarious unit 4 spent fuel pool. Typhoon, earthquake, structural failure, sabotage, terrorism, could cause a nuclear fire for months if the cooling water is drained. Incredible extinction level fallout would pollute the earth.


siyousyanamae 10.10.2013 18:55

Tokyo Electric radiation levels jumped 13 times the previous day's reading
October 10, 2013 Russia Today
Fukushima radiation levels hit 2-year high
Combined Cesium-134 and Cesium-137 readings just outside the damaged No. 2 reactor jumped to 1,200 becquerels per liter on Wednesday, the highest levels recorded since late 2011.
Regulatory limits for Cesium, which emits powerful gamma radiation and is potentially fatal to humans, is 90 bq/liter for Cesium-137 and 60 bq/liter for Cesium-134.


Colin Shorey 10.10.2013 18:24

This is tragic but let us not chastise them.This was a geological disaster,not the failings of man experienced by other countries or weapons of mass destruction.Think about it.


David Junkins 10.10.2013 18:07

[/quo te]

Indeed, the kind of help they are asking for does not exsist. No other country on the planet has ever faced a nuclear disaster like this one. There is no experience or technolgy in exsistance to day that can fix this.[/quote]

I disagree we can construct buildings up to the sky but we can't construct some type of lead bubble to at least reduce this. At minimum we could air drop molted lead on this place. To be honest I think they want people to be wiped out which is why nothing significant is being done.


rob e 10.10.2013 15:57

With the WHO predicting cancer rates in 20 years to become 1 in 25.. the japanese people are doomed to a slow lingering death.
If the world knew the truth behind the radiation, the world markets would collapse...
As for the Games..
No chance I will be attending.


Menace Fiftyonefifty 10.10.2013 15:32

Cancer should uptick in the next 3YRS


Suzanne Fritsch 10.10.2013 12:48

Hosting the olympics is the least of their problems. Where are the statistics on cancers and birth defects? Childhood
leukem ia should be showing up now. This is actually a global problem. When Chernobyl melted down Russia moved everyone out and shut down the area. Japan doesn't have that option. I think they might finally have stopped lying about the situation and are asking for help.
A day late and a buck short............... ...


john 10.10.2013 11:58

claiming and getting the 2020 olympics was too much of a gamble and is going to fireback in multiple ways for japan and the olympic fiesta industry alike.. to begin with it will increace preasure on an already tensed situation bringing into the game even more stackeholders as if there weren't enough..
the way i see it japan atm has effectively 2 years max to either bring things under control or turn over the games, effectively admiting that the situation is seriously dettiriorating (which is the painful truth).. on the other hand thats how much they got till the next 8,5+ quake (tokai or other) hits and "solves" all

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