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​Fukushima radiation levels underestimated by five times - TEPCO

08.02.2014 04:54

TEPCO has revised the readings on the radioactivity levels at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant well to 5 million becquerels of strontium per liter – both a record, and nearly five times higher than the original reading of 900,000 becquerels per liter.

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Tatiana A Klimenko Kostanian 23.02.2014 16:53

In California on the West Coast, are The American people's - especially the disabled,elderly especially where patients & Doctors Are NOT being shared any news on this ongoing catastrophe and ongoing updates?
I am a volunteer citizen sitting on our Mayors Disability Counsel & nothing has been shared let alone to our Citizens. I am a patient in kidney dialysis. We need to have clean water for dialysis. I wonder of this hellish disaster who in our cities, and towns are being warned, etc. Was this planned so well and why the American People's really have no press ? Please share.


Horus TwoHawks 11.02.2014 03:39

Would not let me post the link...
Tepco apologized not only for omission of Str, but also the others in the list, but did so separately. Hence why many reports of 5x underreported and some wrote 10x.
search for "5 MILLION bq/liter Strontium 90 Found In Well At Fukushima Daiichi" Feb 6th


Horus TwoHawks 11.02.2014 03:35

10x underreported, not 5x...
Strontium 90: 5,000,000 bq/liter - noted in this article
Tritium: 430,000 bq/liter - not noted here
All beta: 900,000 bq/liter -org reported
Cesium 134: 11,000 bq/liter - not noted here
Cesium 137: 22,000 bq/liter - not noted here
Ru106: 106 bq/liter - not noted here
MN64: 62 bq/liter - not noted here
Co6 3.1 bq/liter - not noted here
S 250 bq/liter - not noted here


Dan Baka 10.02.2014 13:54 a human failure, not just national or moral. We all need to accept blame for this mess. Stop thinking there is an easy solution for everything. Stuff your fathead ideas now and remediate this incredible planet for future occupants. All of us reading comments today will be gone in no more than ????60 or 70 years...blink of earth time. Stop the selfish greed.


Kevin Cotroneo 10.02.2014 06:42

Peter Krueger 09.02.2014 10:06

"Nearly& quot; five times as much? Last time I checked 5000000 by 900000 was about 5.5555, so WELL over five times.


Yeah, maybe you should check again.

Orig inal reading: 900k
900,000 x 5 = 4.5m
4.5m rounded up is 5m
Updated reading: 5m

So yes, it is nearly five times as much.


Duane “Megawayne” Christmas 10.02.2014 01:28

I guess this is just payback for hiroshima


ComVac Larson 09.02.2014 18:33

5.5 time more radioactive then they thought, might mean something to some people. But the main streem media "pressatutes&qu ot; are not allowed to report it. the owners of energy own them. While there in bed together, guess who's getting screwed?


Peter Krueger 09.02.2014 10:06

"Nearly" five times as much? Last time I checked 5000000 by 900000 was about 5.5555, so WELL over five times.


Joseph Dillard 09.02.2014 09:56

"The Japanese company has already apologized for the failures, which they said were a result of the malfunctioning of measuring equipment."
Who do you apologize to when the victims of your abuse are dead?


killer frames 09.02.2014 00:48

Underestimate is a polite word for falsify


Tatiana A Klimenko Kostanian 08.02.2014 22:09

Yes, I wrote two time to public official and they refused to respond, as well our public press ! That states a lot for American citizens, American elderly, American disabled asking for more than important inquiries ! The American Zionist Mafia Journalists and American Zionist Government standing with Zionist Mafia Criminal Israel seem to be blocking any and every connect on Facebook & across America to find & substantiate ALL Truth. We must demand truth for any of our Concerns. Obama refuses, I hope Facebook IS not.

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