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‘Duct tape, wire nets’ were used to mend Fukushima water tanks - worker

04.01.2014 19:28

As TEPCO began preparations for the cleaning of the drainage system with tons of leaked radioactive water at the Fukushima power plant,a former employee reveals the reason for so many leaks was cost cutting measures such as using duct tape,Asahi reported.

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Oskar Holmström 19.01.2014 14:13

Juliana Magana 05.01.2014 02:18

Does this mean the west coast is safe ? Someone please answer I want my family to be safe


Recommending a dosimeter for someone on the west coast who worries about radiation from Fukushima is irresponsible.
S o let me be the responsible one: No, you do not have to worry about radiation from Fukushima unless you are close to the power plant.
Thousands of miles away is not close.


Junior 06.01.2014 14:24

RT news seems to be the only news agency in my realm keeping up with this serious issue. Why?


Lord God Almighty #2 06.01.2014 03:07

what a waste of time. the water will be radioactive for 1000s of years. the tanks will have rusted away in 10, if they havnt already collapsed with an earth tremor sooner.


Gerald Kohn 05.01.2014 21:41

Its just a part of the New World Order


DS 05.01.2014 17:16

If the meticulous Japanese do this imagine Farley in south Alabama or Crystal River in north Florida


Terry Mckinney 05.01.2014 13:51

This is a warning to anyone who is foolish enough to think that this technology is safe enough to be an alternative energy option.What was done here was mass murder and all in the name of profit.People were sacrificed by greedy men who lied about the realities and sent people to their deaths without the proper equipment nor the true picture.That they tried to do things on the cheap is beyond disgusting.When will we learn that some things are too dangerous to be trusted to profiteers?


paradigm-respawn 05.01.2014 13:07

What is the Difference between Duct Tape and Caulking?

B ieber Duct Tape is Certified Bomb-Proof

Still Holding his Hetero Credentials Intact

Gang nam is now a North Korean Brand (see upcoming YouTube Video of Kim)


Geoff King 05.01.2014 10:49

So, life as we know it on planet Earth now is dependent on a piece of duct tape? I feel so secure.


Lila 05.01.2014 09:27

i recommend Bieber duct tape, unless Gangnam Style has duct tape too! well this situation is so bad now so there's no way to fix it. the japgovt was in denial for too long that it just got worse & worse. Or else this situation could be contained by now. I'm worrying about seafood being extinct & the whole world's food supply would be contaminated. Imagine some of the contaminated crops getting into animal feed.


Adam Rose 05.01.2014 07:09

Simpsons did it.


Wausau NewsOrg 05.01.2014 06:59

all food from cali bad now, these globalists need to go. get off wall and get involved


David Kemp 05.01.2014 05:32

I would like to see more reports by RT on the effects of the Fukushima disaster on the surrounding environment, more specifically the food produce harvested in Japan and from the Pacific Ocean. I have read some other reports by lesser known "Internet news" websites that I would like to see substantiated or dispelled by RT.


marcus 05.01.2014 04:00

The japanise government is completely corrupt. They have destroyed the pacific orcean for eternity because of corporate profits. Now they want to gear up for war with China? The Japanise should be making coffens instead because they may be all dead in 5 years


Gilgamesh 05.01.2014 03:16

Their energy could produce no bombs! Let them make all the power they want! It would be obvious what countries wanted nuclear arms...they would have the power plants we see today.

did I mention the nuclear waste from a thorium reactor is only 5% of what normal reactors produce...and where as our nuclear power plants produce nuclear waste that is toxic for 30k + years.... Thorium reactors produce waste that's only radioactive for 100 years....then the water could be reused.


Gilgamesh 05.01.2014 03:15

So the plans were changed so that all nuclear reactors could double as bomb factories. All because of a want of power, not producing power. All power plants today are based off the redesigned "bomb factory" model. Corporations were formed to produce bombs. It became a war industry.

I ts time to put these ideas down and move forward to what nuclear power was originally intended to be, safe and inexpensive that produces NO BOMBS.

Can you imagine what the world would look like today if all reactors used Thorium? It would be no problem for countries like Iran or North Korea to have nuclear energy.


Gilgamesh 05.01.2014 03:13

This would never have happened if all nuclear reactors used thorium instead of uranium.

se arch thorium explained in 5 minutes on youtube

bac k in the days of WW2 Oak Ridge TN first started making a nuclear reactor using thorium. It was efficient, was 200X more effective at making energy than uranium. All original blue prints for nuclear reactors was based off of a thorium design. However, the US government wanted nuclear weapons and thorium produced NO nuclear material as a by product that could be turned into bombs. The US wanted the atomic bomb FIRST.


Juliana Magana 05.01.2014 02:18

Does this mean the west coast is safe ? Someone please answer I want my family to be safe


gino manshit 05.01.2014 01:54

japan is one of the most advanced countries in the world,imagine when this is going to happen in south africa or any other yahoo country for that matter


Tj Oerlemans 05.01.2014 01:02

[quote name='Zeitgeisttt' time='04.01.2014 23:06']

All six reactors were designed by General Electric.[5][6] therefore not be allowed near Nuclear ever again, or be also guilty party?

No, humans aren't close to being able to control nuclear power. The places where a meltdown hasn't occured are lucky, and Tokyo just happened to be unlucky. We haven't become advanced enough to control an environment where the plants start a meltdown. Maybe when we have a proper response plan, and a fool proof format we can then use Nuclear power, but just as we proved in Chernobyl, we weren't ready then, and we aren't ready now.

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