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Japan brainstorms new measures to stop radioactive leak at Fukushima

03.12.2013 22:25

Japan’s government panel offered new measures to stop radioactive water leaking from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea. Officials said the plant could completely run out of storage space for contaminated water within two years.

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David Hurst 17.02.2014 16:07

our church taught us that looking for the good is the most useful way of dealing with any problem and puts a solid foundation to stand on...cooperation and sound scientific principals go along way in saving lives without panic and get to the solution the fastest. I'm praying for Japan and all of our World lets ask our pastors to turn our hearts to the people of Japan and find a solution to this terrible problem.


David Hurst 17.02.2014 16:01

If the whole world works together and brains storms together I am sure a solution that is financialy sound can be found. I liked the tanker idea but how about a tanker that processes the contaminated water and collects only the radio active waste.


Michael Yankaus 21.12.2013 20:33

Japan is on a fast track to financial collapse if the Fukushima crisis is not resolved with International intervention, immediately. The lawsuits that will come from countries negatively impacted by radioactive contamination of the Pacific Ocean will destroy Japan economically.

If America has suffered financially from resentment over Iraq, which caused a 50% devaluation of the $US Dollar, it will be nothing compared to what will happen to Japan if this radioactive waste destroys the Pacific.

Fukushima is a GLOBAL CRISIS in the making.


bri ryan 05.12.2013 22:57

put the radiactive water on to a used oil tanker[s],
trans fer the radiactive water to a used oil rig,
down into to a dry well,
get read for the next radiative water shipment,
seal the well head when finished...


Suzuki Hiroshi 04.12.2013 18:38

Radiation levels in the groundwater under the "Fukushima" ; peaked since the accident
Dec 04, 2013 AllVoices

C oncentration of radioactive substances rose today to the highest level since the accident.
The level of radiation in water samples taken from the maintenance shaft, located east of the second unit, was 1.3 million becquerels per liter.
Marginal rate of fluid drain into the ocean – 60 thousand becquerels.
The water comes from a strong beta radiation, indicating that the content in it strontium-90 and tritium.


Jeffrey Golin 04.12.2013 11:54

Perfect PR project. Launch a well-publicized national science class competition and give an award to the high-school student with the winning solution, judged by a panel of leading celebrities.


Ward Damon Hubbard 04.12.2013 09:07

japan is no more closer to a solution to this mess now then they were at the beginning of this mess, the only difference is it has taken all this time to get the truth out of TEPCO, its like trying to finish open heart surgery with a band aid


Proud Atheist 04.12.2013 08:54

The institutional fascism of Japan would resort to their most effective way: Make the disaster a Top State Secret. So, no body could talk about it.

It seems that America's god does not like Japan. If they resist the American occupation, they will be hit with far worse than what happened in 1945. If they keep silent, they will still get radiation. Too bad!


truthseeker 04.12.2013 07:35

haha.. put Asphalt on it? after a couple of years of this that it all they can come up with..

Here is a better idea, get a big red and white striped tent, some animals in cages, and let those clowns from Tepco entertain world governments in it.


JailBanksters 04.12.2013 07:16

If they can dredge an entire bay to make it deeper, surely they could just bury this sucker. It's no more crazy than all their other crazy ideas to resolve it.


O Good 04.12.2013 00:27

Can it be pumped into a something like a thorium salt reactor? To change states. Or pumped into a steam generator and used for thermoelectric power?


Robert Olson 03.12.2013 23:46

Neutrino coil .. Laser it into space..

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