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TEPCO admits leakage of 300 tons of water with monstrous radiation level

20.08.2013 06:00

Another tank with highly radioactive water at the devastated Fukushima nuclear power plant has leaked, reported operator TEPCO. The contaminated water contains an unprecedented 80 million Becquerels of radiation per liter. The norm is a mere 150 Bq.

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Priv Acy 13.09.2013 16:27

Peter Craig 03.09.2013 23:04

Anybody prayed for a miracle? It doesnt hurt.


Can you show me any environmental disaster in all of human history that your so called god fixed?


Peter Craig 03.09.2013 23:04

Anybody prayed for a miracle? It doesnt hurt.


John-Albert Eadie 30.08.2013 23:48

Numbers mean nothing, not to people generally. When we start getting abortions in California, and prohibiting of the CA agricultural output, THEN we will have known, and then switch our fingers at everyone who ought to have known, and be outraged. Jeez ...


John-Albert Eadie 30.08.2013 23:43

I totally agree that it is irksome and wrong that we should have to get some of our key knowledge of the world from a Russian website. On the other hand, I remember the world from a time in Canada when we could trust larger organizations, when liberality was generally respected. Russia has gone through the works with revolution and unsatisfying socialism. .. Their views expressed ought to be tested, but I will certainly read them and sometimes take their point of view.


goedelite 22.08.2013 01:31

The executives and major stockholders of TEPCO should be arrested and forced to work at the Fukushima plant for the removal of the spent fuel rods from the roof-top pool of Building 4. Workers ought not be asked to volunteer. The criminal plant-operators and stockholders must be made to do the work. The Japanese people should rise up and force their legislators and ministers who voted for nuclear power against the warnings of independent scientists from all over the world to contribute their bodies. Let the Japanese set an example for US nuclear executives and their prostituted political puppets.


RadiationJoe 21.08.2013 08:42

DDD Francis 20.08.2013 09:36

and to think this crisis to the entire world is not even making the news in north america. something is terribly wrong


How right you are how is it that I get better news from a Russian news website living in the USA. Its so sad my grandfather fought against japan in world war 2. Back then we had civil rights here in the USA and both us and Russia fought for a common purpose. Then the military industrial complex took over and today you cant get full or real news on any mainstream news TV channel or website. They just use it to divide us. So sad


RadiationJoe 21.08.2013 04:38

This has gotten way out of hand. I got to hand it to Russia when you guys had your Chernobyl you at least managed to cover it under a bunch of material that would stop the radiation(yes it contaminated local groundwater but not an ocean). I think Russia and the USA should just take control of this situation it is in both our best interests. I don't want to see American or Russian babies born with defects or born infertile because the japanese like to lie about stuff like this to save face. If they cant do it themselves then do it for them.


docsein 21.08.2013 02:57

They've been lying non-stop at every oportunity, from the very first day of the incident.
- They told veryone it was under control when it wasn't.
- They gave evacuation orders for only a small area, while the rest of the world was estimating 3 times that radius.
- They claimed the clean-up was going to cost only a 1/10 of actual cost.
- They said there's not leakage when there was 300 metric tonnes / day leaking.

Ap parently, this is the Japanese way;
lie about everything, only come clean when there is proof, or when they can't use more lies to cover it up.
But whatever you do, don't admit to wrong doing.


Hugh Wong 20.08.2013 14:55

I talk to several ordinary Japanese citizens, they all say the radiation leak is media hype. Japan's samurai spirit is dangerous to the world.


Marc Letourneau 20.08.2013 14:39

TEPCO cannot be trusted. It was clear from the beginning. They are lead by criminal minds on top of their incompetence. An international team of the best experts should take over. The United Nation should step in without delay. Enough is enough!


Beatrice Hansen 20.08.2013 14:18

Wow...this could lead to a real-life Godzilla monster rising up out of the super-irradiated sea east of Japan & subsequently destroying Tokyo! Roll the cameras, we're all doomed! It's 'Pacific Rim, Pt. II.'


i8toMuchGMO's 20.08.2013 13:36

Oh no, here in America the news only covers superficial nonsense. We wouldn’t want to disturb the minds of the happy consumer. Once the oceans of the world are rendered lifeless and we all come down with some form of cancer, maybe this disaster, as a matter of history, will be finally taken seriously. We’re going to be the first species on earth that goes extinct through suicide. I hope the people that have profited from this suicidal form of energy all get cancer from it as well, or maybe they can all go into their underground bunkers and remain there for the rest of their lives.


Boris 20.08.2013 11:15

If TEPCO are admitting to this amount it makes you wonder what the real figure is as they are bound to be saving face as much as possible. Where are the international monitoring team and why is no one else seemingly helping the Japanese Govt and TEPCO to clear up this mess as it will potentially affect much of the world’s population with dwindling fish stocks and marine life being irreparably damaged?


DDD Francis 20.08.2013 09:36

and to think this crisis to the entire world is not even making the news in north america. something is terribly wrong


Martin Hawes 20.08.2013 09:06

The water level within the leaking tank had dropped 2.9 meters. How could this happen before anyone noticed? Why were there no sensors in the tanks? We can expect to see more and more of these leaks as earth tremors and mechanical fatigue weaken the tanks, which were cheaply constructed. What happens when the entire site becomes drenched in radioactive water?

Tepc o have proven on an almost daily basis that they are incompetent to manage this escalating crisis. Is this the company we are going to trust to remove the spent fuel rods from SFPs 3 and 4, arguably one of the most dangerous industrial operations in history?


gerdi bot 20.08.2013 08:53

When people run in circles its a very very mad world.


Scrutineer 20.08.2013 08:33

It goes on...and on...and on...

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