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Radiation levels in Fukushima bay highest since measurements began - reports

19.08.2013 18:23

Readings of tritium in seawater taken from the bay near the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has shown 4700 becquerels per liter, a TEPCO report stated, according to Nikkei newspaper. It marks the highest tritium level in the measurement history.

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Chris Wilkerson 16.06.2014 22:04

everyone likes to say how dangerous nuclear power is when in reality coal has killed far more than nuclear ever has 3 millon people die every year from coal which is the worlds dominate power source not to mention the damage it causes to the ozone people talk bout future generations but yet you support the most harmful thing to the future generations open your eyes people


Winslow Wilson 23.08.2013 06:16

Mainstream media around the world could make a difference in getting the US and Europe to handle this problem. Obviously the Japanese are incapable of doing it alone.

No one has really been reporting this in the mainstream media even though this problem will eventually affect their health as well as their children's and family.
No one is safe from this and there is no place on the planet to be safe. Even the eliete of the finacial world will not escape the coming poison.

Pressure from the reporting of it would cause the powers that be to wake up & handle it. It's time for Mainstream News Media to step up.


Eddie Boatie 22.08.2013 10:48

I'm wondering why this developing potential disaster is being misreported in the U.K. media, If they bother to report it at all!


Igor Dano 20.08.2013 06:14

Bad for the mankind and terrible for the north America, hence not so bad for the mankind.


Lizanne Bird 20.08.2013 02:57

It is time for the international community to step in and help to stop the pollution of the Pacific ocean. This company cannot be left to its own devices. This is very serious, these highly radioactive contaminants will cause a mass extinction in Pacific Ocean and will eventually spread to all of the world's oceans.


Altroot 20.08.2013 00:45

oh wait befor i read somthing else look at this

we have the means and ways to reduce energy bills at home (using cheaper or lower wattage bulbs switching gas suppliers etc.) By using uranium we all know that the by product of this substance is plutonium is the best gear you can by on the addictive war market.


Jeff 19.08.2013 22:39

I dont want to eat fish. I feel like it might be smart to get off the west coast. This is sad and fish wont be safe to eat for years, probably why Marin county has the highest breast cancer rate (wealthy county on the west coast) eating a lot of fish.? we all know greed is destroying us! But people would rather not think about it! this is gonna go from millions suffering terribly to you suffering terribly including the top one percent!


Jeff 19.08.2013 22:29

Serge Ma 19.08.2013 20:20

The North American west coast takes the most damage from the Fuckusima. The air filters in one of the buildings at the university of Washington were already way over the limit -already back in the late 2011.Imagine what it is now.I could be wrong but it seems like even some flowers (dandelion) here on the N.A. west coast are growing bigger - in the last 2 years after the tsunami.Thanks to the western media -most people here don't even know that
radiation from japan is still a problem.



Anina Laura Iordachescu 19.08.2013 21:34

we are left to endure contamination, GMO food, pesticides, pollution and all kind of bad stuff, so I finally get to the conclusion that we represent nothing to those who should look after us, even wors they are glad to ger rid of as many as they can because it'll be easyer to have theyr world order! it is such a pitty that we corrupt and destroy such a perfect and beautyful planet God had gave us, we should care more and wake up until it's not too late, it's better to avoid these things and be more conscious, may God have mercy and help us change !!!


Mike Maxwell 19.08.2013 21:07

WOW.... And where has our government been? what happened to the test programs?


Jeff 19.08.2013 19:56

If we don't wake up eating healthy will become impossible. our children will not have a chance. where is the 100mpg carberator? why wont they let us use water to power or house and cars? I will think critically! I will be a man! and I will fight for people in the world to live free! 95% of the people are good, we can do better, lets organize. Get ready for a crash.

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