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Fukushima workers contaminated with radioactive dust

19.08.2013 14:59

Two workers at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan were found to have been exposed to radioactive particles – just days after 10 workers were sprayed with radioactive water at the beginning of last week.

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Gary Whatzisname 21.08.2013 04:32

Why does nobody look at the science before getting all emotional and crying about the end of the world? Spent fuel is almost impossible to get a criticality out of, and it will never go into chain reaction mode, it is SPENT. RT should not be fanning the flames of catastrophe amongst people who have no idea what they are talking about. For Shame RT.


Jacque Gabrielle 20.08.2013 18:31

Hemp has an amazing ability to actually clean up any pollution that exists in the soil. It was even used to help remove radiation from the ground after the Chernobyl disaster.


Joseph Lieberman 20.08.2013 10:00

Unless they are protected by 7 inches thick lead plates they are getting huge radiation in and around Fukushima property. Those white suits are a stupid joke not safe at all, except for Kamakazi suicide worker program.


Web Dev Learners 19.08.2013 18:18

Another idea is to dig a very deep trench on every side of the reactor buidling and insert huge lead rods underneath from each side creating a net like structure under the reactor. If the core gets so hot that it melts down to this lead structure it could melt the lead encapsulating the core.


Web Dev Learners 19.08.2013 18:10

I have a couple ideas but nuclear science is certainly not my strong point. We could assemble something like a giant parachute that could be dropped over the area by planes to contain any radioactive particles coming out of the reactor, but this would only isolate alpha and beta particles to the area. Ever seen the giant domes that house indoor golf ranges? This is similar to what I am talking about, just much larger and made out of materials able to stop radiation release into the air. This would not stop radiation being released into the sea however, which is a big problem. Feasible? I am not sure.


Web Dev Learners 19.08.2013 18:03

How do we contain this radiation? Well it is easy enough to stop the alpha and beta particles but what about the gamma rays that will be emitted? Or if the rods go critical and release radiation into the air the situation could become catastrophic over night. We need to put all the great minds of this planet together and work on a plan to contain this mess, right NOW.


Web Dev Learners 19.08.2013 18:00

Right now whatever levels of radiation are being detected only hint at the levels of radiation under ground. When the water floods the area, it will bring up heavier radiation located beneath the ground level. This could pose issues making it impossible for personnel to access the location due to radiation levels. If they can't access the area it would be that much more likely that this turns into a larger disaster of epic proportions. This disaster is poisoning the ocean and air and the consequences will not be seen until later in the future as the situation progresses.


Web Dev Learners 19.08.2013 17:56

The problem is that the ground water collecting underneath the buildings has been leaking through the ground substrate and going into the sea. The soil acts as a filtration and filters out some of this radiation leaving it deep within the soil layer. The bigger problem is that this water is flooding the area and soon it will not be passing through the ground but over it, bypassing the soil which has acted as a filter, releasing significantly higher levels of radiation into the sea and also into the atmosphere through evaporation. When this happens will the area become so radioactive that they can no longer access it?


Alonso 19.08.2013 17:56

My best wishes to all the planet. Is is clear we need an international alliance to avoid the previsible worst consecuences of this catastrophe. It is funny, I stopped smoking recently just thinking about my health and my family's heatlh and thanks to these people in my town me gusta vapear dot com. It seems ironic, talking into account the whole planetary situation.


i8toMuchGMO's 19.08.2013 17:15

Why is it that the entire world’s recourses in nuclear energy are not aiding in the containment of the mess? Even the world elite breathe, drink water and eat food – right! This disaster is not limited to Japan and the after effects will be a consequence that the entire earth has to bear. Is Germany the only country to head the warnings of this disaster, decommissioning its nuclear power plants after this disaster? When will the world wake up to the disaster that nuclear energy brings; there is no safe nuclear energy period.


Eric Roman 19.08.2013 16:30

My best wishes to the Japanese workers and the people of Japan in general.

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