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G20 Syria divide: World’s largest nations speak out against US-led strike

06.09.2013 18:19

As leaders of countries making up half of the world’s population firmly opposed military action against Syria without a UN mandate, the US kept pushing for a strike, claiming that many countries represented at the G20 summit were “comfortable” with it.

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Nick Hood 08.09.2013 22:42

It is clear the Australian Government is as corrupt as the US and is in bed with the US. I am so sorry.


Nick Hood 08.09.2013 22:41

I am angry and embarrased to see my country Australia on the list of supporters for this war! I know my country and Australian people would never condone violence like this for no logical reason. It is clear the Australian is as corrupt as the US and is in bed with the US. I am so sorry.


Roberto Csiki 08.09.2013 16:56

What we have here is an international cabal of criminal Rothschild, Goldman Sachs bankers led and controlled politically by AIPAC the American Israeli lobby using bribery and threats of political ruin to advance their globalist agenda for Middle Eastern domination. Obama, Israel's puppet, is after the Syrian oil and natural gas pipeline resources, using Syria's staged chemical attacks, which they have created through their alliance with Saudi wealth, CIA and Mossad agents and financed Al-Qaeda rebels, Al-Nusra butchers to step closer into attacking Iran to complete the cycle of control. Repeating the same script.


Everett Thompson 08.09.2013 16:18

Notice that the countrys backing the US position are occupied countrys and they are under a do as we say or else policy. South Korea, Germany,Canada,Japan , have
no option and they realize that.


Shashikant Ganvir 08.09.2013 11:41

seen the movie WALL- E... the US ship has gone in auto mode.
I pity the US citizens... they just dont have any say at all.
they need Renaissance, they are under surveillance far more than any communist country ever had.


sorry2brude 08.09.2013 09:01

I no longer hold any allegiance to the US Flag. Nor do I support our military in any way.


fran7 08.09.2013 08:54

God bless the brave leaders of the World who have helped stop the HYSTERICAL WARMONGERS from launching illegal and inhuman strikes against Syria.


Rick Rogers 08.09.2013 01:33

Thanks to publications like RT, we citizens of the world are able to grasp a realistic view of how things stand, and where they are going. Personally I have also found the words of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to be very ~ insightful...


nairboon 07.09.2013 21:03

How come that these leaders talk from a countrys position? "[..]Merkel defined her country’s position[...]"
how can one person define the position of a country? I have not heard that they asked actually the people.
Has anyone heard about a vote of the people that "their country" wants to go to war? I haven't. It's just the politicians that want a war, because they don't have to do the fighting....


penelope powell 07.09.2013 20:40

11 weasel-wording heads of state are put to shame by the courage of one little nun.

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