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G20 Syria divide: World’s largest nations speak out against US-led strike

06.09.2013 18:19

As leaders of countries making up half of the world’s population firmly opposed military action against Syria without a UN mandate, the US kept pushing for a strike, claiming that many countries represented at the G20 summit were “comfortable” with it.

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Derek Maher 24.02.2014 20:55

I suppose one could be blunt in the response to round two of trying to provoke an attack on Syria.
Allies of the Syrian Government should simply state that an open attack on Syria would be considered an attack on them as well with all that could entail.
As for that French President, Who could trust a philanderer such as he is.Wants to add another war to his lack of any moral consience.


Vanco Dimitrievski 10.12.2013 16:17

Also why is the US so concentrated in the middle east? We are about to go broke and yet we still are the ones trting to provoke war. Let Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates Turkey orb Iran deal with this problem. We need to concentrate on ourselves so our economy will improve and the dollar might have a chance to be useful again. Take Russia as an example, they've been quiet since the Afghan war, and once again they are on top. All these countries supporting the US are all puppets, Australian people are the cooles nicest people I know, kinda hard to believe that they approve of this.


Vanco Dimitrievski 10.12.2013 15:57

Watch out people there's new superpowers. Obama is only capable of convincing the American minorities, he isn't capable of representing thw USA. I wish that the world would have stood up for Yugoslavia, but people were so easily fooled by the media, and let them continue with war crimes against innocent christians, meanwhile giving tons of money to Al Quaida terrorists to provoke war in Bosnia, kosovo and Macedonia. They used muslims from Afghanistan to make it look like civil war. Every countey with some military strength that doesn't obay the US is made to collapse. Not any more. The world's awake


Moses O. Okwii 19.09.2013 21:09

President Obama seems to be in dilema, I hope he will make a right a choice.


Roland Heymanns 10.09.2013 05:17

It is inspiring and encouraging to see the general consensus here. Decency and humanity are coming through stronger now.

At some point this needs to turn into a call for action, though, otherwise it is just talk.

What is to be done?


Veritas 10.09.2013 04:41

The heinous gassing of Syrian children has created an indelible stigma on human conscience - it should never have happened. The opportunity for Syria to get rid of chemical weapons (thereby prevent a war at U.S. discretion) could help to bring about long-term peace efforts and create a win-win situation.


RT1111 09.09.2013 17:20

I never thought I would live the day when Russia & China where they voice of Reason.
Shame on all the EU countries... bunch of patsies, giddy puppets.
CANADA???? are you kidding me???? this is what a Conservative MP brings to a perfectly peaceful nation.
This is no way of feed the growing monster the US is becoming.


Ryan Kinghorn 09.09.2013 11:34

The thing that needs to be remembered, is that no one need apologize for the actions of their leaders. Our freedoms were hijacked long ago. "We do this, We do that" is inaccurate. We are part of the victims not part of the victimizers. Michael Parenti said it best, "You will have no sensation of a leash around your neck if you sit by the peg. It is only when you stray that you feel the restraining tug."


Snooping Iswrong 09.09.2013 10:22

The economies of USA, UK and France consume a lot more than the national production, so they acquire the missing portion by looting countries around the world. Their leadership is rotten to the core and ready for a Nuremberg style trial for crimes against humanity.
Canadi ans and Australians must refuse, for moral and economic reasons to be converted into thieves and assassins instead of wealth creators.


Andras Jambor 09.09.2013 06:59

Angela Merkel of Germany seems on this photo as she thinks on her salary right now (and some bonuses from some banker "friends"? ), and not on the people who are brutally destroyed in some war games played by some arrogant, ignorant and most of all greedy and racist world leaders.
These leaders following the US notes do not have the minimum moral courage to tell their people, "hey, I am here only for the money folks, don't you know?"


Andras Jambor 09.09.2013 06:46

I agree with all of the above. The US days in world affairs along with their masters in Wall Street and City of London should be over if we want to live in a human world, and not in something which models after some middle eastern or middle age ancient brutal and stupid one.

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