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Syria, NSA scandal push G20 summit agenda

05.09.2013 17:01

Despite pleasant views of St. Petersburg and a large list of economic challenges on world leaders’ agendas, political tension was apparent at the start of the G20 summit as the US faced questions regarding its stance on Syria and the NSA spying program.

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William Hewitt 12.09.2013 02:32

The question is "When did BO (Biden & Obama) become convinced they needed to change America into a police state?" That was the day BO went insane! It is not unusual and has happened to other populist leaders like Adolph Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte. If they are committed to a mental institution perhaps they could be treated and fully recover in time.
BO can be impeached, indicted, prosecuted, convicted, incarcerated in concentration camp at Guantanamo and waterboarded until BO confesses.


William Hewitt 12.09.2013 02:31

This is not about Syria. This is about American hero Edward Snowden for exposing President Barack Hussein Obama's outrageous atrocity committing crimes against the American people by scrapping America's constitution and setting up an American Gestapo called NSA that is implementing a police state.


Rod Lloyd 06.09.2013 14:40

the ONLY thing amerika knows is how to cheat, and if that does not work then use force to take what ever they want.... just a disgusting insane government in the pocket of the elite, yet a further insane group blinded by greed and power, that eventually will kill them too.


Live on your knees or die fighting 06.09.2013 14:15

Cameron now tries to back peddle :

I don't think we should put too much emphasis on the UN inspectors themselves, because they are not there to find who was to blame. That's not part of their role. All they can do is find some additional evidence for the use of chemical weapons, but the use of chemical weapons isn't really in dispute. Everyone accepts chemical weapons were used on 21 August ...

I hope that a picture will build not only of chemical weapons use but also of regime culpability. I'm convinced of that case.

He is confusing himself !!!


Esperato 06.09.2013 13:32

Geoff King 06.09.2013 12:49

Unfortunately , alternate parties like the Libertarians do not get billions in campaign donations to buy fancy tv ads and such, so the average American sheeple will continue to vote for whichever Republican or Democrat has the nicest smile or tells the best lies.


Geoff, I agree with your views 100%. Solution to the two part system problem is campaign finance reform. We need disclosure of contributions. It will show that our candidates are molding their policies around their financial obligations to their investors. Problem is getting that disclosure.


Live on your knees or die fighting 06.09.2013 13:31

"We have to bomb Syria to know what's in Syria", Nancy Pelosi yesterday.

"We will bury Syria!" Joe Biden , yesterday.

These two are a disgrace to the people of the US and the flag.


Geoff King 06.09.2013 12:59

If there were any difference between the two main parties, why does the one in power never change laws that the other party created? Democrats claim to be for civil rights, so why has Obama not even thought of repealing the Patriot Act? That is the single most communist and fascist law ever thrust upon our country. He does not want to get rid of it because it gives him more power as well.


Geoff King 06.09.2013 12:49

Unfortunately, alternate parties like the Libertarians do not get billions in campaign donations to buy fancy tv ads and such, so the average American sheeple will continue to vote for whichever Republican or Democrat has the nicest smile or tells the best lies.


Geoff King 06.09.2013 12:42

Americans keep voting the same two parties into office thinking one is somehow magically better than the other when both are working together to destroy our country. Voting for what you think is the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Until a third party, such as the Libertarian Party, is allowed to be elected, things will only get worse.


Jason Moore 06.09.2013 12:31

Our government (USA) is corrupt beyond fixing. It does not listen to the people (91% of Americans think we shouldn't get involved in Syria), it does what it wants without our permission. I think its time for the government to be replaced by a better one.


Balaji Sniper 06.09.2013 12:27

US logic of attack in syria is really awesome. This how they find the reason to bomb syria... Assad government didnt use the chemical weapons which kills 1400 people, So US go back & check who launch the same nature of attack which kills 26 people back in march, its also not done by assad. But finally(gotcha) US find assad guilty by checked the label of chemical weapons where we see letters of a,s,d.


Esperato 06.09.2013 11:36

Free Gypsy 06.09.2013 10:52

people of the world must hunt down the masters of the $ & interest system first. this cancer, represented mostly by the US and its canibals, is the most evil human race has ever faced, since the elites are the only one profiting from it. BRICS have to include Iran in order to start the discussion of another money system. ALBA will join.


I'm not defending the US or "the system" but.. come on now. Hitler was responsible for the death of estimated 11 million people in WW2. Ghengis Khan was responsible for the death of >50million people. That's real evil.


Geoff King 06.09.2013 10:31

If our president was truly representing the freedom loving people of the US and our peaceful intentions, why was he the only leader to arrive at the summit in an armored vehicle? If he lived up to his constitutional oath, he would be loved by all and there would be no need to fear for his life. I wonder if he sleeps with secret service agents standing guard at the foot of his bed? Actually, I wonder how he can sleep at all after the damage he has done to our country and it's reputation.


Geoff King 06.09.2013 10:09

Between all the current scandals our president and congress are involved in (NSA spying, IRS targeting of conservative groups, the Benghazi debacle, etc.) and now this ridiculous Syria situation, the American sheeple are finally waking up and seeing the outrageous lies we have been handed. This could usher in a new era where the citizens of the US demand government transparency and accountability. Our constitution may rise again! Our elected officials must work for the people, or find another job. Vote Libertarian!


Juan Angel Trigo 06.09.2013 09:48

A Nobel Peace Puppet, kneels for illuminati war.
Their bag, full of tricks, GMO's, never ends.
If they succeed, two thirds will be gone.
We thank cancer, a gift from God.

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