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Kids in the crosshairs: Photo of Palestinian children killed by IDF wins World Press Photo award

16.02.2013 02:02

A picture of two Palestinian children killed in an Israeli airstrike has won the 2012 World Press Photo award. And as if to further prove the danger to the region's youth, an IDF sniper has posted a photo of a child in his rifle's scope to Instagram.

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Anonymous user 28.04.2013 13:57

This treatment of Israel really puts the SS in preSS photo awards.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 12:45

Kill them from unborn to elderly, the law of Goy

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 16:34

And what:s about the couple of THOUSANDS killed kids in Syria :


Syed Jazeel 03.03.2013 03:46

May Allah grant the strength for the people of Palestine to win their rights....Indeed,the y shall be successful..

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