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German minister calls on secret service to explain complicity in NSA snooping

05.08.2013 07:57

The German secret service must explain why it handed over metadata to the NSA, a minister has said. Germany’s government claimed it was ignorant of the activity of the secret service, which was described as being “in bed with the US” by Edward Snowden.

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Orbiter 06.08.2013 08:28

That's pre-election heat in Germany. I don't believe any goverment cares too much about people's privacy.


Desty 05.08.2013 20:51

What shoked me too is that NSA supplied Boeing with info about Airbus business and I'm sure Apple is informed about Samsung's new ideas. So....everything is stolen.....your ideas are stolen already.....


Knut Gunnulf Strånd 05.08.2013 20:31

Quite ironic isn't it? That the American people are paying for the surveillance of them selves...
Brilia nt plan by the NSA.
God bless!


Murray Bernie 05.08.2013 19:57

Germany is now nothing more than servant off the zionist bankers and the USA.Thats the price she will be paying forever for the second World war.She will never ever be allowed to forget it because the zionists fear a strong Germany forging a close relationship with Russia in a strong Europe.


BrusselsLout 05.08.2013 19:35

Germany, America, New Zealand, all in one way or another protesting against these disturbing revelations. Yet the people in Britain are more concerned with who's going to win Come Dancing. I'm British and pretty ashamed of it.


Monique 05.08.2013 16:45

Merkel seems to be a genuine coward. She was obviously taught in Eastern Germany to shut up when confronted with undeniable evidence of wrongdoing.
I cannot believe we have such a poor track record of security (NSA) and that she does not respect us enough
to admit she screwed up and make it right. Most of all, I'm ashamed to finally be shown how much we are slaves to the USA and that our politicians are just puppets to the USA and Briton.


shirlz 05.08.2013 14:10

NSA Prism, GCHQ Tempora, German whatever, mass surveillance on any phone, anywhere, anytime, tapping the main Fibre Optic cables monitoring the entire Internet, NSA funding GCHQ to the amount of '100 MILLION DOLLARS' (said like Dr Evil everytime!)... rumours of the communications being used to blackmail members of Congress and top lawmakers (that pretty much what spying is!... believe it was happening in UK aswell)... what we really want to know is just how much of it goes back to the tiny little state of Israel (tiny state... BIG say in US affairs/Intel).


sofia feher 05.08.2013 13:53

cant believe this...

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