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'Privacy essential to democracy': Germany, Brazil introduce anti-spying UN resolution

07.11.2013 22:16

Brazil and Germany have introduced to the UN General Assembly their draft resolution calling for internationally recognized rights to privacy in the wake of the ongoing NSA scandal in which the leaders of the two states were spied on.

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Ephemeral Phoenix 30.12.2013 15:51

Hahaha a UN resolution to top this all off? That has got to be the greatest oxymoron of all time. The same UN who is ultimately owned by the US and World Bank, the same UN who has as one of its own tools the NSA? I call bs on this apparent international solidarity to eleminate this perversion from our civilization. It's just another mass media propaganda act to silence us back into ignorant submission, and thinking justice is done. These rats will carry right on doing what they have been doing. If they want real change, they better start discussing direct action against the US. *Sad I've become so jaded by truth* :(


archibald.krofta 20.12.2013 11:01

@Paul Bright

It's long time ago when UK was leading world anywhere, specialy towards peace. Peace isn't reached by killing, and you still have new and new blood on your hands in your new and new military campaigns.


archibald.krofta 20.12.2013 10:50

That's very true. It's essential.

As Ingo Swan writes in his book "Secrets of power" spying on everyone is one of key-points for those who are on top of power pyramide. (another is supressing or rediculising knowledge about anything paranormal in human abilities)


Stephen Hanger 09.11.2013 02:10

Germany is in the spy game too. This UN ploy is all an Act. The US shares all spy info with Germany . This is how two thieves whip each other. Theives possing as Men of Goverment are simply stealing from the people then using that money to produce weapons to protect themselves form the people. Give Billions to Israel, Israel's Lobbyist give millions back under the table , over and over and over. People like that deserve to be gotten. it is the duty of the people to get them. ( Baghdad Burning) has resurfaced to write again. Google up Baghdad Burning. See you around the ben my friends.


Nami Verasche 09.11.2013 00:15

It's unfortuante that the US holds veto power in the UN, so there's not much that can be done about it. Except wiping the US off the face of the earth, of course. The sooner that happens, the sooner the whole world will know peace. Every problem the world faces can be traced back to either America or the church; period.


Katrina Wood 08.11.2013 22:35

It is true: without privacy, how could a country be said to be a democracy? In a democracy, people are presumed equal. But one thing that seems, to me anyway, not to be addressed, often, is an implicit assumption that the authorities of the countries for which the UN gives permission to oversee their human rights, are honest ( and that the human rights legislation is complied with), What if they are not? It is awkward, this argument, as the UN itself has representatives of most countries sitting at their own table, so it might sound like some sort of accusation to ask it.


Pete Anderson 08.11.2013 22:09

Brazil trusting Germany is not a good idea. Germany is still under the occupation of America and Britain, could be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.


John Ramos 08.11.2013 18:03

even if this resolution is passed america wont stop what there doing infact they may even increase the amont of spying they are illegally committing because they will just manipulate the resolution to make it so broad they can play word games to justify spying or because the USA is in control of the UN they will rig the voting by blackmail countries by using the very same intel its trying to stop or just change the votes since each country votes electronically by pushing a button. just switch the buttons for half the voters. 80% of the US goverment is corrupt , evil , and could care less about the citizens.


Mike Littlefield 08.11.2013 13:39

The us is the greatest nation on Earth. It is above all laws, even its own.


Jason Bedard 08.11.2013 12:07

They need to draft a resolution calling for the end of the US Corporate Regime. It is an illegal government entity operating under false pretense to the world and the American people. They Need to assist the American people in establishing a new capital, to reinstate the original Constitution for The United States and a legitimate representative government. We suffer worse abuses than in any other nation. We the people need the worlds help & attention. We want to end the trouble this illegal corporate regime is causing. Help by offering military assistance so that we can have that world we all want and live in peace.


Terry Mckinney 08.11.2013 09:53

I'm afraid that as long as the internet servers are in the USA or any country in which they have unfettered access we will be watched.They have proven beyond any shadow of doubt that they will lie and deceive and do whatever they want.They kill people by remote control without judicial process or oversight.They are immoral and without credibility.Stealing our information is just part of US "exceptionalism ".


Keng Long 08.11.2013 05:59

Jews money supplies enslaves white men USA and NATO, so, to fight and dies for Israel/jew's interest,
Wake up USA.


Keng Long 08.11.2013 05:56

Jews are spying the world in our name.


Ed Walton 08.11.2013 01:31

The US Congress no longer accepts limits on its omnipotence.

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