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Germany sent helicopter to snoop for NSA spy equipment at US consulate

09.09.2013 21:22

Germany infuriated its American ally after it sent a helicopter to seek out listening posts at the US consulate in Frankfurt, in the wake of revelations that the National Security Agency spied on the European country.

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virgis 18.11.2013 21:23

Its shame and humiliation!The only thing what Germans can or sud do-just leave NATO,to expel US from NATO or to create the new Defensive organisation from the european countries already members of NATO.Germany is able to do it>.


Francois van der Nest 11.11.2013 12:53

Buy surveillance equipment which is very effective and helpful for complete security purpose.


Pan_a_sonic 24.10.2013 18:04

It's about Germany's gold, and the Americans are unlikely to repatriate all of it. Besides the E.U is going to follow America no matter what, because the Europeans can't defend themselves.


Carlos Gomez 01.10.2013 06:30

Well lets just say that it failed to yield any results what so ever. Why ? Because the NSA would've known the second the helicopter took off, what they were going to look for, who was the pilot and crew were, what they ate for breakfast, what they make per year, what investments they have, where they live, etc. etc.


MGrotegut 23.09.2013 11:16

"chinaware inside the consulate was damaged"

That is a ranslation mistake. In the original German article it reads "Da ist viel Porzellan zerschlagen worden.". This is an allegory for that lots of trust and confidence between USA and Germany has been destroyed by this action.


nagyelme 17.09.2013 18:33

how easy is it to fool the average reader, it is not what is happening folks, but what is NOT happening. No new laws or parliamentary action to limit the powers of the secret service, no raids or dismantling the spy network. time to wake up dear readers....


nagyelme 17.09.2013 18:31

Election stunt. Merkel wants to show that she is doing something to block USA spying, when in fact the cooperation of the security apparatus is total and unimpeded. What about finding and shutting down all the snoop access points, or making it illegal and raiding offices of cooperating firms and governmental entities. IT IS NOT HAPPENING because MERKEL is LYING. She and the entire government is selling out their population to the neocons.


trx 11.09.2013 05:13

I wonder how many American consulate employees soiled their undies when this Germany helicopter buzzed them in this flyover. LOL.


Zina Antoaneta 10.09.2013 19:28

Varun Gupta 10.09.2013 07:47

nothing on other news sites about this


A little amateurish stunt to save face that wasn't even worth noticing. Probably the US diplomats in Frankfurt received advanced notice, God forbid their favorite cups should break! The Germans will chuckle about it as well. :)


Diet Coke 10.09.2013 08:30

They should be glad it´s only us, the spineless and harmless other countries there would have been a lot more wrecking than just the chinaware.


john 10.09.2013 07:53

and the helicopter had a sign on it saying "Vote for Merkel" .. and the sheep said "beeeeh" ...


Ed Camilo 10.09.2013 07:52

Playing the sympathy card for the nationalist simpletons? Nice attempt at distracting the mad masses! It may work it may backfire. a helicopter in Germany cannot fly without US consent and much less that close to the US consulate. Germany, Italy and Japan are US puppets. the very number of US military bases in those countries should be enough to remind any real thinker who rules those lands.


Varun Gupta 10.09.2013 07:47

nothing on other news sites about this


fran7 10.09.2013 07:00

Well done on this one Germany. USA government cannot be trusted on anything after their aggressive hysterical lies about Syria. The Belgium and Italian hostages overheard their terrorist rebel captors plan the chemical attack on innocent civilians and blaming it on Mr Assad in order to involve USA military who seem far to eager to get involved in the anarchy in Syria. Snowdon is a hero for making the World aware of USA PRISM and their aggressive use of it by spying on everyone everywhere. USA government are not transparent except in the false propaganda they spread through the media. Kerry's hysteria is not becoming.


Abu Fatima 10.09.2013 06:53

The British right love Merkel. They lovingly call her Merkelator for her trampling of working class Greeks for what their corrupt politicians (now lounging in Brussels) stole.

So this the best that the Merkelator can do? Quite... pedestrian.


mary 10.09.2013 04:46

america has to get used to these little humiliations, that's what happens to a hated falling power.

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