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Germany sells Israel nuke-ready submarines - report

03.06.2012 17:08

Germany is supplying the Israeli Navy with submarines that are fully capable of being fitted to carry cruise missiles with nuclear-warheads, Spiegel reports. Thus, if Israel does indeed have any such missiles, it could deploy them immediately.

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Steven Reshel 30.06.2014 01:49

I pity people who know nothing about what they are commenting about, or the people they seem to be critical of. So Ms. V, don't pity us when you have such a filthy mess in your own back yard. There is a saying, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, ja!


David Sarah 07.12.2013 16:38

I see allot of Love for Israel on the RT board, should I remind you all of the Book of Ezekiel chapter 38.

The time is near when God will make you and your towel head friends extinct.


Gabrielita Lolie Vittoreli 27.08.2013 04:03

I can only pity Germany and the Germans.

Ge rmany should be independent of foreign and hostile pressure.
To see such a creative and productive nation in such a humiliating position is really heartbreaking. Unfortunately Germany has not been really independent anymore since at least 1918. Today Germany is nothing less than an informal well off colony of Wall Street and it's big Financiers. A sad nation schedulled to disappear as immigation consumes her aging and decadent population.

Anonymous user 30.04.2013 22:47

Interesting concept of selling.
Germany sells the ship, Israel buys it, the Anglo-Irish pay for it

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