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New revelations: Germany sends 'massive amounts' of phone, email data to NSA

07.08.2013 14:32

Germany’s BND intelligence service sends “massive amounts” of intercepts to the NSA daily, according to a report based on Edward Snowden’s leaks. It suggests a tight relationship has been developed between the two agencies – which the BND claims is legal.

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chiagozie Oti 08.08.2013 14:16

Kind of freeky even for an angel to actually realize that on the streets,millions of cameras are watching your every move and inside the comfort of your home,what you say on telephone and what you send out on emails and sms are been monitored/analysed at every opportunity in the name of security....Overwhel ming!


fran7 08.08.2013 13:54

Germany,s BMD and Britain,s GCHQ are no different in spying for USA. What ever has happened to morality and ethics in the western world?


Lloyd Sewell 08.08.2013 12:33

The so-called western governments are and have been a venal lot over past 50 or so years - (a) on the one hand the setup instutions alledgedly for the protections of their citizens - while (b) at the same time manipulating - subverting and perverting these same agencies and institutions for perverse ends - then (c) thinking of the consequences if the population found out their myriad crimes against the pupolation - they paniek - hence everyone must be - both overtly and covertly spied on - what a life - these so-called government and heads of government are all intellectually bankrupt - genocidal lot....


Joseph Walker 08.08.2013 11:56

I know who my enemy is ,Its Ignorance ,Mainly the qualification of Muslims.If the Americans and English are Ignorant I pity them.


mike 08.08.2013 11:54

Anyway they are checking us all good guys we will move to the front of the queue for US and UK and EU visas It is for our own good. They are not going to target Jews again, are they?


Joseph Walker 08.08.2013 11:51

Well the Americans did learn from the East germans The Stasi.Who knew better in monitering its subjects than the Stasi.Anyway its now copied across its western Allies.Hello Yanks and English I am on the computer now ,oops forgot they probably looking at the comments already.Enjoy yourselves I am.Poor chaps imagine having so many potential terrorist just because your opinion differs from thier mouthpices The media and Broadcasters.


K K Singh 08.08.2013 09:13

Un ending drama to kill people's anger so that the politicians, bureaucrats and corporations joint venture continues as ever and their capital continue rising!!


Rights-Demanded 08.08.2013 06:49

Any real disbanding of this criminal behaviour of US-Germany to restore Sovereign Integrity & Security will be seen as a defying act in respect to these "services" ... They will portray the threat to their supertoy as a threat to security.... The real threat is the loss of Trust & Independence! When we all HAVE to play eachother, more strive will rise...


karenj 08.08.2013 03:12

in the end times...many shall be deceived...even the elected..wink~

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