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NSA gets data from Germany’s domestic security agency - reports

14.09.2013 09:24

Germany’ Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution regularly hands over classified data to the NSA, media report. The revelation comes as Edward Snowden’s leaks show that Germany’s foreign spy agencies share troves of data with the US and UK.

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Pan_a_sonic 15.09.2013 13:23

Wow I heard about this movie before, monetizing debt, and spy agencies suppressing the masses: and obviously tyranical regimes don't work.


terence brazil 15.09.2013 12:39

all of europe and the world is undersuper vision by the united states and our governments act as if they dont know, but we all know they are under the thumb of uncle sam ...or at least for now


漢陰陽 15.09.2013 03:21

R2D2 14.09.2013 13:12

Germany cooperates with the NSA. yet still the NSA sees need to spy on the Germans.


you are wrong. Germany cooperates with Israel. it has nothing to do with the NSA, in the sense that the NSA is only a small piece of the puzzle.


Snooping Iswrong 15.09.2013 03:05

This is what happens when you vote for the daughter of Hitler to run a country.


paul paul 15.09.2013 01:18

Merkel was a communist in her youth.

Shes masquerading as a "Christian democrat".

A deceiver and traitor.


Commander 14.09.2013 14:54

The lesson learned in all of this NSA activity is the Washington simply cannot be trusted. The indigenous nations of North America leaned that 200 years ago. Hundreds of treaties with the native tribes were broken by the United States.


Peter Knopfler 14.09.2013 13:57

Germans are made to feel guilty, never taught their true history USA castrated Germans years ago, and continues to abuse the Germ,an public, for what happened 70 yrs ago. Germans need to stand up against this USA domination take back your dignity pride and SAY YES we are Germans leave us alone to do GOOD. USA the beast, wants everyone to live in its shadow shame USA, the monster now.


E. Snowden 14.09.2013 13:46

How about they protect us against the NSA sabotaging our security and spying on our politicians and companies? Traitors.

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