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‘US support for human rights merely a show’ – relatives of Yemeni Gitmo detainee

05.06.2013 06:17

As the Guantanamo hunger strike enters its 120th day, the US House of Representatives has voted to keep the notorious detention center open in Cuba, blocking the use of taxpayer money to house any detainees transferred out of the prison.

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Anonymous user 08.06.2013 00:12

"If your power leads you to the oppression and abuse of others...then remember God's power over you"

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 09:57

This is a great shame and violates every aspect of the
constitution .

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 13:09

Im surprised anyone supports them, aint they dead yet, good riddance

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 11:16

Court Jester of the aristocratic Europe are in US power today. That's why so many global problems.

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 10:35

Everybody knows! The America doesn't care about its own people-50 % of them in poverty.

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 08:27

USA is a boot stomping on a human face forever.

Am erica the beautiful died. Only a monster remains.

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 08:23

There's no such thing as US supporting human right,US droned kids in Yemen and tortured ppl in Gitmo

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 07:06

WW2 Saw Natzis.WW3 will Finish those copying Natzis and invading & attacking Nations, Drone terror

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 06:45

Cruel and an absolute disgrace. Shame on you!
How can you live with yourselves? Close Gitmo now!

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 05:17

this is terrorism

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 04:28

The US is becoming an embarrassment to live in. Government owned by corporations. Bought and sold.

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 03:37

The General who oversees Gitmo cried on TV yesterday: "I'm powerless to stop the abuse."

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 03:12

So the entire US congress stands for evilness and torture nowadays, yes?

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 01:56

"US support for human rights" is a LAUGHING-STOCK.
Monsanto, Drone, Regime Change are few examples

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 00:29

Any country that supports israel obviously has no regard for any kind of human rights

Anonymous user 05.06.2013 23:47

What is that guy talking about? They stopped caring about their own people ages ago.

Anonymous user 05.06.2013 22:32

What a worthless PUPPET Obama is. I look forward to the day he's stands in the dock at the Hague.

Anonymous user 05.06.2013 22:31

USA hang your heads in shame.

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