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Guantanamo steps up force-feeding – inmate

22.06.2013 13:56

The brutality of tactics used to force-feed inmates at the Guantanamo Bay prison is escalating, according to the last British citizen being held at the camp. He says that metal-tipped feeding tubes are causing already-starving inmates to vomit.

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Anonymous user 05.07.2013 20:45

Zionist banksters rule Empire America with an iron fist. Slavery is having a comeback.

Anonymous user 05.07.2013 20:43

Those who support Obama hate their country and all of mankind.

Anonymous user 24.06.2013 21:56

Kaela, you hate your country... but nothing keeps you there. Quit complaining and leave.

Anonymous user 24.06.2013 21:53

The world is silent and does nothing ... because the detainees are terrorist combatants No one cares

Anonymous user 24.06.2013 13:24

Best case for US is 20 total "Military Commissions" for the 779 who've been in GTMO; 7 total to date


HeroSnowden 24.06.2013 08:34

America shouldn't be proud of this... Force feeding a human through the nose twice a day..

Anonymous user 23.06.2013 23:43

America is fast going down the tubes. I don't know what the f happened to us but it is sad.

Anonymous user 23.06.2013 22:57

U.S.S.A (United Soviet States of America).
Banksters shame on you!

Anonymous user 23.06.2013 21:01

It's like the government has been taken over by the mafia.

Anonymous user 23.06.2013 20:59

Let them die. Save a nickel. Help them meet the fake prophet Allah

Anonymous user 23.06.2013 20:34

talk about democracy- land of the satan

Anonymous user 23.06.2013 19:40

Some day Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Gonzales, Rumsfeld,Perle and the rest of the criminals will pay

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