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Global Frackdown action: LIVE UPDATES

19.10.2013 05:38

Activists from 26 countries are taking to the streets on Saturday to protest fracking technologies that extract hydrocarbons by pumping pressurized chemicals underground. They say fracking contaminates groundwater and hastens climate change.

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Willie Stewart 20.10.2013 00:49

what economy will u save when everyone is dead from pollution. what about u children?


Charles Tuttle 20.10.2013 00:35

Hilo, Hawaii had 30 people waving signs in solidarity...!

Hawai'i County Council has just banned it here on the Big Isle too...!


Orbiter 19.10.2013 23:39

JohnUK 19.10.2013 20:41

Overpopulatio n is the main problem but no one has spoken up about it because capitalism needs continuous growth and that means continuous growth in population too.


Let 's start depopulation with bankers and politicians, and then we'll see.


Georgann Putintsev 19.10.2013 23:00

Thank you Reuter's for spreading the NEWS. We rarely get the human Protest's against fracking. It makes me happy that more of the human population is for Generation Law: Clean Water, Clean Earth, Clean Air and Clean Fire-Energy. The paradym is changing as the bottom lining techniques of these crony capitalistic corporations will no longer be tolerable. Common sense dictates do the right thing for all citizens & the blue dot we live on.


David Breaux 19.10.2013 22:52

You wont find this news on BBC Or Cnn.


Robin Helder 19.10.2013 21:38

Is Green peace only against Gazprom? This is as bad as drilling in the artic and major spillages in third world regions. Protect the future fresh water supply before we start going to war over it to survive. Peace


JohnUK 19.10.2013 20:41

If they really cared for the environment they would be lining up to be sterilised. Overpopulation is the main problem but no one has spoken up about it because capitalism needs continuous growth and that means continuous growth in population too.


Jack Foobar 19.10.2013 18:55

The Useful Idiots of the Communists and Muslims never seem to get grasp reality, do they.


Saddique Hassan Durrani 19.10.2013 18:10

We should find cheap alternative form of energy ang quick. These giant would die its self. If some one who can die by eating sugar doesnt need to be given poison........ we all must try and adopt alternative energise


George 19.10.2013 17:49

How Long Has Hydraulic Fracturing Been Used? Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have turned unproductive shales into the largest natural gas fields in the World.

The first use of hydraulic fracturing to stimulate oil and natural gas wells in the United States was in the 1940s. The method successfully increased well production rates and the practice quickly spread. It is now used throughout the world in thousands of wells every year.


Jason Buck 19.10.2013 14:23

Judging by the amount of protesters outside the Riverstone HQ these protests are globally insignificant.


Ernest Rille 19.10.2013 12:35

This is the way to reduce your drinkable water supply. Less than 3% of earth' s water supply is fresh water, suitable for drinking. How much are you willing to give up for oil and gas production, a non-renewable energy supply?


Sashka26FW 19.10.2013 10:25

its nice to see Greenpeace there..wait?there is NO greenpeace there? hmm.. i thought they were about saving the environment.. i guess not..

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